Beijing 2008: Is China Really Ready?

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2008

In the first week of the Beijing Olympics, we have been awed by the pure athleticism that has been showed in the many sporting events. From Michael Phelps becoming the greatest olympian of all time, to the U.S. baseketball "Redeem Team", we have seen many amazing performances.

China has put on a very good show so far, but under all the glamor, there are many things that have gone on that could taint the so far exciting olympics.

We will start at the opening ceremony. You are watching the spectacular display of fireworks, lights, performances, and singing. Maybe one of the most spectacular opening ceremony's in recent history. Then, all of a sudden, you see this young chinese girl, not over seven years old, singing the Beijing national anthem. It is one of the most beautiful things that you have ever seen: A cute little chinese girl singing in front of upwards of a billion people. Well what you didnt know was that the cute little girl that you saw singing, was not the one singing at all. It turns out that the one singing, was a six year old girl that was inside the stadium.   Why is this?  because the organizers of the opening ceremony declared this not "cute" enough to be out on stage.

Example Number 2. If you were watching the opening ceremony on tv, you noticed the amazing fireworks displays of all different colors and shapes, and types. You saw them bursting into color on your television, and it amazed you to an extreme level. Well guess what. What you saw on your television was partially fake. What i mean by this, is that the company in china that was providing the feed to NBC, graphically enhanced the fireworks to make them look more spectacular.

The third and final example involves the athelete's that are participating in the games. In the woman's gymnastic competition, china is one of the front runners. They beat the U.S by a record margin of points. When you were watching the gymnastic events, you might have noticed that some of the Chinese woman didn't look liked they belonged. You were probably right. According to the IOC, each Olympic athlete must be age 16 or higher. If you were watching close enough, you would notice that some of these girls didn't look much older than twelve. These girls don't know any life aside from gymnastics and that is why they can compete on such a competitive level. It is most likely easier for them to perform at the Olympics because they are not fully understanding of what is actually happening and that 1 billion people are watching them.


Overall, the Olympics have been going good, but I just wanted to point out some of the not so amazing things going on in the Olympics.