Foley To Have A Nice Day In TNA Wrestling Soon?

Eric ShepperdContributor IAugust 13, 2008

Whats up wrestling fans? I'm back for my second column here on bleacher report. This time around I will be taking a look at one of my favorite wrestlers of alltime and the rumor that he will be headed to TNA wrestling.


A few weeks ago it was reported that Mick Foley was not happy about his current position as Smackdown color commentator. It wasn' that Foley didn't like being an announcer but Foley didn't like the fact that Vince McMahon apparently keeps talking to Mick from his headset and trying to have Mick say everything that he wanted him to. Its known that Mick really doesn't need the money but he was doing this job because he simply loves the business.

Foley's WWE contract is said to be engding on September 1st so if Mick is truly is unhappy then he could easily leave. A couple of days ago Foley left a phone message to The Long Island Press stating that it is very likely that he will no be renewing his contract. Today the news broke that Mick had told a close friend that he would be heading to TNA wrestling.

Foley's friend contacted the Sun website and said that Mick will be going to TNA next month when his current WWE contract expires. The friend went on to say Foley will even wrestle again but just on selected dates. It's well known that back in 2005 Mick was very close to signing with TNA before re-signing with the WWE. Now that Mick is leaving the WWE their is no reason for him not to go to TNA. So now I must give my thoughts on the hardcore legend going to the Impact Zone.

If TNA does indeed sign Mick Foley than they will be getting a hell of a talent. In my opinion Mick Foley is one of the best mic workers in the history of professional wrestling. I can see it now, Mick cutting a promo on how he wants to help TNA become number one and to give the fans something new. An in ring mic duel between Mick Foley and guys like Christian Cage and Samoa Joe would be great.

TNA would also be getting another credible name inside the wrestling buisness. Mick's a freakin New York Time bestseller and although he no Hulk Hogan, he is still well known outside of the wrestling industry. Let's face it Mick's a former three time WWE Champion and not many wrestling fans hate Foley.

And if Mick does indeed decide to step into the six-sided ring then TNA will be getting a guy who well give 110% each time he steps into the ring. Mick is a guy that could really help everyone in TNA by giving suggestions to the other talent and putting over some young talent. Mick's someone of could very quickly become a locker room leader.

In the end even if Mick comes to TNA and doesn't increase ratings or raise PPV buys Mick will still make Impact a little better each week he is on it. One things for sure, if Mick Foley joins TNA Wrestling i'll actually go out of my way to make sure I catch Impact each week:)


P.S. My next article should be a review on WWE Summerslam unless something huge happens over the next couple days that I have to write about.

P.S.S. Each time I write an article i'll be giving out a wrestler name that you should be watching. He's either from the independents or a guy that in the WWE and TNA that you might be over looking. This week its The Brain Kendrick. His gimmick is great and I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes US champion in the next few months.

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Eric Shepperd