Chinese Officials Make Girl Hide Behind Camera During Opening Ceremonies

MB MBSenior Analyst IAugust 13, 2008


Leave it up to China to keep a girl from showing her face for the world to see during the Opening Ceremonies.  That’s right, 7-year-old Yang Peiyi, was kept out of the camera and only her voice was heard while singing “Ode to the Motherland” because they had 9-year-old Lin Miako lip sync the song.  The reason why Peiyi was left out of the performance was because Chinese governments officials felt she wasn’t cute enough for the performance.  I guess this shouldn’t be any surprise, with China trying the make the Beijing Olympics the best of the best.  Sometimes though, there is trying to make things perfect and then there is taking it too far.  Sure, Peiyi isn’t the cutest child around and Miako is a famous child actor in China, appearing in many television and newspaper ads, but still the Chinese Olympic organizers went way too far.

The part I find amazing is if America tried to pull a “Macgyver” move like this in the 1996 Atlanta games, there would be such a bigger uproar.  Say America had snaggle tooth Jewel sing a song with Britney Spears in her prime ("Oops I Did It Again" Britney) lip syncing, America would be considered so classless.  Sure, everyone would rather look at Spears, and her family does know how to lip sync better then Pete Rose betting the ponies, but it’s wrong.  If a girl’s voice is good enough to sing your country’s song, she is good enough to appear on camera.

The only question I have for China, is how with over a billion people you can’t find a cute girl in your eyes who can sing as well?

So, China keep faking your opening ceremonies, having 8 year olds win you gold in gymnastics, getting slapped by 21 in hoop, dominating the “Balls of Fury” competition, and controlling your people so all your woman are willing to get married to 45 year old American creepers.