Is Cody Rhodes A Future Main-Event Player or Just a Mid-Card Talent at Best?

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IISeptember 22, 2010

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes debuted in the WWE back in 2007 and quickly showed how much potential he had by going toe to toe with the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton.

Rhodes since his debut has been a world tag team champion with three different partners: Hardcore Holly in 2007, Ted Dibiase in 2008, and Drew McIntyre 2010.

He was in one of the hottest stables of the last decade with Legacy, and he made himself simply dashing on SmackDown.

All of his accomplishments are great but he is still considered by some as a mid-carder at best.

The question that seems to linger with young Cody is this: will Cody become a main event player or stay as a mid-card talent in the WWE?

Why and How Cody Rhodes Will Be A Main Event Player For Years To Come In The WWE.

Cody has been on a roll since being moved to SmackDown: by becoming the unified tag team champion with Drew McIntyre and getting a gimmick makeover with the "dashing" promos and attitude.

All of those things are great for Cody, since he is still a young man, but what really makes Rhodes so good at his age is his in-ring ability. Cody has greatly improved his in-ring work since debuting in 2007 by really studying some of the legends of the industry and applying some old-school approaches to his matches. Cody's father, Dusty Rhodes, I am sure has help out Cody when it comes to learning the business and so has his brother Dustin Rhodes, or better known to fans as Goldust.

Overall, Cody has all the tools needed to be a world champion but he will have to be patient right now and have a climb that may resemble of the same pushes that guys like Edge, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels got; that’s going through the tag team division and then maybe go for the IC title before shooting for main event status and world championships.

Cody right now is in a good spot because he gets more air time by wrestling on both RAW and SmackDown on a weekly basis, since he is tag team champion with Drew McIntyre. Rhodes will eventually lose the tag titles but he is one of the fastest rising stars in the industry and he is over as a heel, so maybe an IC title run could be in order for this young man in the next year or so, depending on who is the champion at the time.

If Cody does not win the IC title then he will still be in an OK situation because he can fued with a big star that has a solid fan following; thus, gaining some cheap heat before making a splash in the main event scene.

If I were a betting man, I would say that Cody will be IC champion before making a main event run, but I also wouldn't be surprised to see Rhodes win next year's Money In The Bank contract, thus automatically sending him to the main event role.

Why Cody Rhodes May End Up As A Career Mid-Carder In The WWE.

Cody has a lot going for him right now but one knock against Cody is his size.

I know that pro wrestling as a whole is starting to get smaller, with lighter wrestlers getting main event pushes but Vince McMahon likes having big men as his heavyweight champion so Cody may have to bulk up in order to get some main event spotlight.

Cody can be dull when he wrestles guys who are not as fit as Rhodes in the ring, like say Matt Hardy or Big Show. Cody needs to work on gaining more heat from the crowd because the whole "dashing" look will only take you so far in the industry; Cody needs to work on gaining heat from the crowd, if he wants to learn really quickly then watch some Edge promos because he vastly improved his heel promos once he turned heel in 2005.

So overall, Cody Rhodes has a great opportunity to become a star in the WWE but it’s not going to be easy for young master Rhodes to get all the way to the top.

If Rhodes works hard and really continues to improve on a weekly basis, then we may end up seeing Rhodes as a world champion; if he doesn’t put in the effort to improve, then he may end up as the next Matt Hardy or better known as the career mid-carder.


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