Who's Your Daddy? The Top 15 College Football Fathers and Sons

BabyTateSenior Writer IAugust 12, 2008

Who's your Daddy?  It's a common enough question.  Let's look at the case of 15 Fathers and Sons who have made a particular impact on college football.

15) Phil and Chris Simms—Phil made his bones as the QB of Morehead State in the late '70s, while Chris was a Texas Quarterback from 1999 to 2002. 

14) Don and Matt Hasselbeck—Huge TE Don carried Colorado to the Orange Bowl in the '76 season, while Matt was a successful quarterback at Boston College from 1994-97. 

13) Chuck and Jay Foreman—The pride of the Miami Hurricanes, Chuck played between the Ted Hendricks and Jim Kelly eras, while Jay played defense for Nebraska in the 1990s.

12) Manu and Marques Tuiasosopo—The battling Tuiasosopo clan features Manu as a DL at UCLA in the '70s, and son Marques as a QB for the Washington Huskies from '97 to '00. 

11) Billy Ray Smith Sr. and Billy Ray Smith Jr.—Dad was outstanding on the defensive line at Arkansas from '54 to '56, and his son was an All-American LB there from 1979-1982.

10) Herb and John Hannah—The powerful Papa played for Alabama in the post WW II days, while his boy John played for Bear Bryant in the early '70s and became a legend.

9) Tony and Anthony Dorsett—Dad won the National Championship and Heisman Trophy at Pittsburgh in 1976.  Son Anthony was a DB there from 1992-1995.

8) Howie and Chris Long—Howie was a star on the line at Villanova in the 1970s, while Chris was a sensational defensive star at Virginia up until last season.

7) Ron and Shawn Springs—Ron was an Ohio State running back of superior ability from 1976 to '78, while son Shawn was an outstanding DB for the Buckeyes from 1994-96.

6) Bob and Brian Griese—Bob took Purdue to the Rose Bowl in the 1966 season, and son Brian took Michigan to the Rose Bowl and the national championship in 1997.

5) Kellen Winslow Sr. and Kellen Winslow Jr.—Dad was a highly respected All-American TE at Missouri from 1975-78, and Junior was a TE at Miami from 2001 to '03 who claimed he was a soldier.

4) Clay Matthews Sr. and his boys Junior and Bruce—Dad was a great lineman for Bobby Dodd at Ga Tech in the late '40s, and his boys were great stars at Sou Cal.

3) Dub and Bert Jones—Two of the finest players ever in the game, Dub was a running back at Tulane in the '40s, and Bert (The Ruston Rifle) was the LSU quarterback from 1970-1972.

2) Terry and Eric Metcalf—For some mysterious reason, this father and son duo may be the least recognized for their accomplishments.  Terry was a sensational RB at Long Beach State from 1970—72, and son Eric an equally great runner and receiver at Texas in the '80s.

1) Archie Manning and his boys Peyton and Eli—OK, this is the blowout of all time for No. 1. Eli of Ole Miss is the current world champion QB, Peyton of Tennessee is a past world champion QB, and Archie as the Ole Miss QB was the best of them all.  Now that's a gene pool!