Kyle Lohse's Fairytale Is Over with the St. Louis Cardinals

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IAugust 12, 2008

As fun as it has been to watch Kyle Lohse emerge from obscurity this season, I will be the first to claim that the fairytale is over for Mr. Lohse.

As a Cardinals fan, it pains me a little because Lohse has been the de facto ace in place of injured arms, and he's been a fun story for Cardinal fans to follow.

But that time is done.

Lohse has returned to his role as a back-of-the-rotation type of talent, and the Cardinals' playoff hopes have disappeared as his ERA has ballooned.

The fact of the matter is, Lohse's numbers declare that he is barely better than teammates Todd Wellemeyer and Braden Looper. He has been better for most of the season, but Lohse is the only one out of the trio that is a full-time starter, and there is definitely something to be said about that.

With a season ERA of 3.90, and an ERA of 7.48 in his last four starts, Lohse can merely claim to be luckier, not better, than the rest of the Cardinals' mediocre rotation. He has definitely served his purpose.

With hopes of gaining Chris Carpenter and Mark Mulder at the beginning of the year, and having no idea that Adam Wainwright would go down, too, Lohse has been a great No. 4 starter for $4.25 mil.

But should Lohse be re-signed for the ridiculous figures that agent Scott Boras will likely demand? Absolutely not. Anything over $5 million is too much. I laugh when some newer Cards fans claim that Lohse is re-signable.

If only it was that simple.

Scott Boras has wrought havoc for both the Cardinals and MLB's free-agent market before, and he won't hesitate to do it whenever possible.

Scott Boras will send Kyle Lohse to Japan if he can get over $10 million next year, and pitching is too scant in the MLB. So Lohse is destined to become another Jeff Weaver: signed to a high-paying team and finished with a barely-average career as a mere side note.

The Cardinals have had a great run this season, and Lohse has been the mascot for overachieving and utilizing talent. But Lohse has come to earth, as have the Cards. This guy is what we initially thought. A back-end guy. A good one, but nothing special.

Look to see Lohse in a different uniform next season. And don't expect me to care.