Why TNA Sucks, Why TNA Rocks, and What You Can Do About It

James HallContributor IAugust 12, 2008

For my first article EVER on this website, I have decided to bash (and then praise) what has the potential to be the most exciting and innovative wrestling company in North American history. 

Let's start out with a short history lesson. 

Total Nonstop Action began with Jerry and Jeff Jarrett deciding to get in the wrestling business.  They partnered with the National Wrestling Alliance and ran weekly pay-per-views (from here on out known simply as ppvs) at the cost of $10. 

Eventually they expanded, got a deal with Spike TV, and created an amazing women's division in the process (guys let's be honest, would you want to be stuck in an alley with Awesome Kong?  I wouldn't...now Angelina Love is a different story entirely). 

But, I suggest you view the pic of Kevin Nash if you haven't already. THAT, my fellow fans, is what is wrong with TNA wrestling today. 

Nash is way past his prime, still main-eventing, and still holding a microphone.  But it is in no way, shape, or form all Nash's fault. 

LAX, which had the potential to be one of the greatest factions in the history of TNA, has become a group of good guys just holding a fiesta week after week on television.  That is nothing like Konnan's group of militant thugs that raided the roster and proclaimed war on America just a few years ago (has it really been that long?). 

Christopher Daniels has become a joke wrestler, Curry Man (he's hot, he's spicy, he's completely idiotic and pointless).  Jay Lethal is still "Black Machismo" (why don't special interest groups hound TNA over that moniker?).  Kurt Angle is old and beginning to slow down (for the necessary joke, view any Angle match).  Karen Angle even has her own talk show segment type thing now (oh how i long for Piper's Pit). 

And I am not even going to touch the commentary (Adamle would fit in great on the announce team).

To be fair, TNA isn't horrible.  Even though last time I tried Tivo'ing it, the machine said, "You may not have to sit through this...uh crap...but I do."  Ok, corny joke I apologize.  I will try to brush up on my material by next article. 

Anyway the point is, the wrestling is still top-notch, the women can actually put on a good match, and the roster contains some of the most talented people to ever grace the squared circle (or in this case hexagonal circle).

So, yeah the storylines suck.  But you have to take the good with the bad.

My advice: fast-forward through everything boring, and watch the remaining 20 minutes on mute.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.