Top College Football Games of 2008

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

Can you feel it college football fans? We are just two and a half weeks away from kick off of the 2008 season!

While most fans are looking forward to their first match up of the season, it's also a great time to look ahead at all the great match ups that lie in front of us, in what looks to be a very entertaining season of College Football.

So "what should I games should I be looking for?" You ask. Don't worry, the Bleacher Report has you covered. Below are the top opening week games, rivalry games,neutral site games, non-conference games and the Top 50 games overall.

Top Five Games of Opening Weekend


  1. Alabama vs. Clemson (in Atlanta)
  2. Illinois vs. Missouri (in St. Louis)
  3. Michigan State at Cal
  4. Tennessee at UCLA
  5. NC State at South Carolina


Top Five Rivalry Games

  1. Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville)
  2. Texas vs. Oklahoma (in Dallas)
  3. Auburn at Alabama
  4. Texas at Texas Tech

  5. South Carolina at Clemson

Top Five Neutral Site Games

  1. Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville)
  2. Texas vs. Oklahoma (in Dallas)
  3. Alabama vs. Clemson (in Atlanta)
  4. Illinois vs. Missouri (in St. Louis)
  5. Kansas at Missouri (in Kansas City)

Top Five Non-Conference Games

  1. Ohio State at USC
  2. Illinois vs. Missouri
  3. Auburn at West Virginia
  4. Georgia at Arizona State
  5. Kansas at South Florida


...and here they are, the top 50 college football games of 2008...

1. Ohio State at USC

2. Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville)

3. Georgia at Auburn

4. LSU at Auburn

5. Texas Tech at Oklahoma

6. LSU at Florida

7. Texas vs. Oklahoma (in Dallas)

8. Arizona State at USC

9. Illinois vs. Missouri (in St. Louis)

10. Auburn at West Virginia

11. Kansas at Missouri (in Kansas City)

12. West Virginia at Pittsburgh

13. Georgia at Arizona State

14. Kansas at South Florida

15. Auburn at Alabama

16. Alabama vs. Clemson (in Atlanta)

17. Texas at Kansas

18. Georgia at LSU

19. West Virginia at Colorado

20. Penn State at Ohio State

21. Florida at Tennessee

22. Texas at Texas Tech

23. Clemson at Wake Forest

24. BYU at Utah

25. Virginia Tech at Nebraska

26. South Carolina at Clemson

27. Alabama at LSU

28. Illinois at Penn State

29. Ole Miss at Arkansas

30. Pittsburgh at Notre Dame

31. Alabama at Georgia

32. Ohio State at Illinois

33. Michigan at Ohio State

34. Mississippi State at Georgia Tech

35. Tennessee at Georgia

36. Notre Dame at Boston College

37. Ole Miss at Wake Forest

38. Michigan at Penn State

39. Washington at Notre Dame

40. Michigan State at Cal

41. Kentucky at Mississippi State

42. Oregon at Oregon State

43. Illinois at Michigan

44. Wake Forest at Florida State

45. Tennessee at South Carolina

46. Miami (FL) at Texas A&M

47. Michigan at Notre Dame

48. Oregon at Purdue

49. Mississippi State at Ole Miss

50. Florida at Florida State


Just two more weeks until all this hype takes the field. Two more weeks.



Stay tuned to Bleacher Report for more coverage on the kickoff of the 2008 College Football season.