Barry Bonds or Gary Sheffield Needs To Be a New York Yankee Right NOW!

Robert NelsonCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

I don't like Barry Bonds.  I don't like the smell around him.  But as a Yankee fan, and with all the injuries surrounding my team, the time has come.  We need to face facts.

Yankee Stadium has that short-porch in right field. Bonds is idle and slobbering to play, even for the league minimum salary. Our team ranks seventh in the American League in batting average, and the outfield is begging for the stability of a fielding-offense. DO THE MATH! 

I've thought this all year and didn't want to admit it to myself, much less write about it. All it took was a nudge from my friend, Patrick Read, in my neighboring state to send me over the edge. 

It's on like Donkey Kong! Bonds in pinstripes! I'm not saying put him in left field full-time. Make him the designated walk and up the run production! 

The problem is, we're screwing around and not doing anything. We see Mike Mussina pitching his guts out. That's not going to get you there. 

It's the same thing with Pettitte; he's not going to get you there. Ponson pitches seven shutout innings, but it is not good enough.

We see the constant shuffle in the pitching rotation. That's not going to get you there. 

We see the moves made for the bullpen already, and it is not doing the trick. Edwar Ramirez, Veras, and Mariano are as good as it gets. 

We see the injuries, and we see where that is getting you: further back.

It is time to step up the offense again, Yankees. 

Or snag the Top Chef, Gary Sheffield—who was placed on waivers today by Detroit. I remember getting a confident smile whenever Sheffield was up and playing for the Yankees. 

He could hit and the Yankees can't. Plus, he was a leader in the clubhouse who hated to lose—almost as much as fans do, especially now, the final year in Yankee Stadium. 

Don't worry about your reputation to the lore. We ain't choirboys and nor are our players—and the Yankees have the richest of all legacies. 

Let's win this damn thing! 

There's only one last season in The Stadium, and that is right now!