Summerslam Predictions!

Andrew FongCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

What's going on wrestling fans? Andy here, and today I'm going to run down this year's Summerslam card and try to go seven for seven on my picks!

So to kick things off, I personally think that the "Winner Take All" tag team match between Kofi Kingston/Mickie James and "Glamarella" will be a great competition. I personally enjoy Kingston's in-ring work, and I think he has a lot to offer the WWE. Add Santino Marella into the equation, and these two men alone make this match one to watch. But the addition of Mickie James and Beth Phoenix, two of the best women wrestlers in the WWE, this match has the potential to blow the roof off. Although I like both teams involved, I think it is too soon to take the Intercontinental Championship off of Kofi, so I give the win to Kingston and James for the retain.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston and Mickie James

Next up is the ECW Championship match, reigning champ Mark Henry defending his silver title against the valiant Matt Hardy. Many people think Matt Hardy is the dead-ringer for the win in this match up, but I beg to differ. Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge Matt Hardy fan, but as of now, the time is not right. I think the WWE unexpectedly hit gold when they put the strap on The World's Strongest Man, and I think they are going to run with it a bit longer; especially since they've now thrown Tony Atlas into the mix. I think that Matt Hardy will win the ECW Title, but not at Summerslam. This is only the beginning of what I think can be a great feud.

WINNER: Mark Henry

Next up we have another Hardy brother, this time it's the Rainbow Haired Warrior. I have been enjoying this little rivalry with MVP, and I think that it's something, if booked right, that could turn into pure gold. I think that within the next three years, we'll be seeing this match again, only then it will be for the WWE Title. I think this will be a great match, hard fought with a bunch of great spots, and I see MVP going over with the victory. An MVP win could help keep the rivalry going for the next couple of months, so MVP winning is the best decision in my mind.


So, if you don't already know this about me, Shawn Michaels is my favorite professional wrestler of all time. I've been watching him perform for almost twenty years now, and his "Announcement" for Summerslam really has me on edge. Granted, I know that this is all a work, but HBK is just so damn convincing that I just never know which way it could go. However, this is where I see this going; Shawn Michaels will reveal that his doctors informed him that wrestling any longer would be hazardous to his well-being and that he should consider retirement. HBK will heed his doctors words and announce his retirement. But, it's not that simple, of course. It never is. From here this angle could go one of two ways. HBK will either leave the ring after his announcement to a standing ovation and disappear from TV for a little while, only to be enticed back by some challenge. Or, after his announcement a challenger will come out and entice HBK into a match. Either way, Shawn Michaels still has a lot of mileage left.

RESULT: HBK announces retirement only to be backed into a fight and remains a superstar.

Next up is the World Heavyweight Championship match, pitting current World Champ CM Punk against the Jack Daniels wearin' JBL. Personally I would have preferred the Triple Threat match with Jericho in there, but I guess JBL is the guy that the WWE wants Punk to "prove himself" against. Lucky us. Anyway, I am a HUGE CM Punk fan, and I am stoked he is the World Heavyweight Champion. I think it's time the WWE put their faith behind him, and maybe this match is the first step. I see Punk winning to retain.


When the Great Khali won the #1 Contendership to Triple H's WWE Title, I thought to myself,"really? Is that the best you can do WWE?" But either way, that's what they've given us, a mediocre match for Smackdown's Summerslam main event. It's painfully obvious that Triple H will retain.

WINNER: Triple H

The hype that the John Cena/Batista match is getting is starting to piss me off. This match is being hyped more than ANY of the CHAMPIONSHIP matches. To me, that's not right. In my eighteen years of being a wrestling fan, there is one general rule of thumb; the title means EVERYTHING. I think the WWE is straying away from this classic rule. Why are two men who are competing to gain contendership to a championship getting more TV time and more hype than the champion himself? It's something I will never understand. But alas, this is what we've been given; John Cena, Batista, for the first time ever. Personally, I think this "First Time Ever" thing is a load of crap, because we all know that this groundbreaking "First Time Ever" will only turn into the monotonous "Same Old Same Old" in due time. Either way, it is tough for me to choose a winner, since it is such a fresh rivalry, and WWE could go either way with this. Back their super hero favorite John Cena, or have the Animal crush him. Really, this is only a stab in the dark, but I'm going to take Batista for the win.

WINNER: Batista

Finally, what will easily be the match of the night, and potentially of the year, and better damn well close the show; The Rated R Superstar Edge versus a returning Deadman in Hell in a Cell. This match is going to be BRUTAL. I know that the WWE has nixed their blading for the sake of a PG rating, but in this match, there will definitely be blood. And a lot of it. I think the Undertaker will rip Edge apart, piece by piece; but this new psychotic version of Edge will most definitely give it right back. I think there will be a lot of close counts and false finishes, as well as interference from La Familia on Undertaker's behalf. We all know the Edge is CRAZY and will stop at nothing to put on a hell of a show, which is why I see this match ending with Edge taking a SICK bump, giving the Deadman the win.

WINNER: Undertaker

Well, there you have it. My picks and predictions for what should shape up to be a decent pay-per-view. Let's just hope the WWE doesn't let us down!