Asante Samuel Fitting in With The Eagles

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IAugust 12, 2008

Today was the last day to see newcomer Asante Samuel and the rest of the Eagles at Lehigh University. The team packs things up tomorrow after a brief walk through to head home for a preseason game with the Panthers.

One of the players showcased at camp was Asante Samuel who left the Patriots after four successful seasons and signed a six year 57 million dollar contract with the Birds.

The corner back says he doesn't like compare the two teams, but says he sees a difference between Andy Reid's and his old coach, Bill Bellichek's personality.

"Personality? You know Bill doesn't have a personality. So Andy wins that."

Samuel says he also thought highly of Reid before joining the team.

"He's a good coach. He's led this team to a Super Bowl before and went to the NFC Championship a couple times. So he definitely knows what he's doing and he's put a good program together."

Asante Samuel says he's learning the Eagles' system well.

"[I] Pretty much have the basics down, it's still a lot of learning curves and little things I need to learn and tweak into my own style. It's coming along well and the last couple days have helped me."

The former Patriots says there's no ill feelings between he and the corner he's replaced in the starting lineup - Lito Shepard - because in the end it's all business.

"We have a real good relationship, its my first year up here. He kind of showed me the ropes, Sheldon too. We are all pretty tight. It's a good relationship, there's no bad blood with anybody. Everybody goes through situations, but that doesn't affect us. We have a job to do."

Samuel says he went through a similar situation as Shepard when he sat out almost the entire 2007 preseason for the Patriots to settle a contract dispute. The pro-bowler says he can help Shepard get through his problems with the team.

"We talk about it. Being that I went through a situation last year, I give him my pointers and my opinion on the whole situation. We can relate to that definitely."

Samuel says he is excited to really show his teammates what he can do in a real game situation. That could happen as soon as Thursday since the defensive backs says he's ready to go against Carolina.

Jameson Fleming is an intern at ESPN Radio 1230 and 1320 and will be at training camp every day, filing radio reports and publishing his transcripts on Bleacher Report.