Edge Vs. The Undertaker: Feud of The Year

James TurnerCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

Now there has been many feuds this year that had a lot of promise. HBK vs. Y2J; Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles; even Tomko vs. Christian Cage (don't know why I loved their match on Impact months ago).

However, there is only one feud this whole year that has told a story better than any other, and that's The Undertaker vs. Edge.

I put this down as feud of the year for a few reasons. Edge and The Undertaker have been going at it since last summer, when Edge won the Money in the Bank case from Mr. Kennedy Monday night Raw, and then cashed it in after 'Taker went through a cage match with Batista and took a beat down from Mark Henry. 'Taker and Edge battled at the end of the year (along with Batista) for the title, which Edge won in a triple threat match.

They fought at Wrestlemania 24 and the Undertaker wins. They fought again at Backlash and Undertaker won again. Then, they take the rivalry to another level as Edge's La Familia have his back in his quest to regain the championship, which he did in a TLC match. Then, he retires the Undertaker. You can't ask for a bigger story than that. Retiring one of the greatest legends to EVER grace the wrestling ring.

There have been rivalries that were extreme just like this one. But now add in the fact that neither of these two have the World Heavyweight Championship, which was how the rivalry started, and it's been taken to another level because they're now fighting for more than a title. They're vying to put the other man through hell. Also, you can't ignore the fact that these two wrestlers have put on great matches each time they fought.

Now I say this rivalry is feud of the year because this has been the cream of the crop for Smackdown! most of this year. This rivalry has gotten interesting as it processes through. Then, this will be the fourth pay-per-view where these two have fought. Most rivalries may fight at a few PPVs in a year; two, or at the most three times that year. But this feud has come to a fourth match.

The rivalry wasn't continuous, either. Edge branched off to fight others, such as Batista and HHH. But it's a rivalry; if it's not over, then it's not over, and this feud is far from over. Any rivalry that goes through a year and still holds your interest to the point that the two have to put their careers on the line in perhaps the best match of this year (Hell In A Cell) is more than worth watching.

This could be the peak of the rivalry. They have battled it out. Each man has picked up victories and won the title off of each other dating back to last year. So this is why The Undertaker vs. Edge is my early pick for feud of the year.