The Results of Kane's Storyline Left WWE Fans Unhappy

Jonathan ChristianCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

I know I'm not the only fan who was looking forward to Kane pulling out the old trademark Red and Black mask he used from his debut.  Instead of Kane pulling out the Red and Black mask, he didn't pull out his mask at all.  It ended up being Rey Mysterio's mask being pulled out by Kane.  It looks as if WWE is trying to pull the plug on these storylines to give them ironic twists but this is beyond weird.

Rey Mysterio has been in and out of injury, which might lead to him leaving WWE.  Rey Mysterio and Kane never had a formal storyline plot except during The "May 19th" Storyline where Kane attacked Rey Mysterio AND JBL.  That was really the only time Rey and Kane had a stint against each other. 

Kane and Rey teamed up a few times as seen in the picture.  This was pretty recent after the May 19th storyline when Kane was an official member of the Smackdown roster.

This storyline has taken a major downward spiral for the worse; let's just hope this is a cruel sick joke being played by WWE right now.  Lots of fans last night took a big gasp of shock as Kane pulled out Rey Mysterio's mask, and Kane looked at it and laughed.  Could this result in a Kane and Rey Mysterio stint!?  Will we see an unmasked Rey Mysterio now wrestling on RAW!?

Is this a storyline that fans are not going to predict and see what will happen?  Because according to most WWE fans, they were disappointed because the RAW Spoilers on numerous websites were false, and fans can't wait to see what will happen with the storyline turn out.

There is prediction due to Mysterio being un-happy being on RAW and injury prone that his career might be dead, and maybe they are connecting Kane to it to make the storyline more extreme to tell fans that Rey is at the end of his career in WWE.

It may be that or it may be because WWE didn't want to make it so obvious.  One way or another, WWE left lots of fans disappointed with the results of the storyline of Kane pulling Rey Mysterio's mask out of his bag.

Stay tuned next week on RAW to find out this odd storyline result and see the outcome of Kane revealing Rey Mysterio's mask to the world.