General Favre's Influence

PackSmackAnalyst IDecember 11, 2007 Packers receiving corp is absolutely outstanding. First there's Driver, Jennings, and Jones, then throw in a few productive tight ends, enter Korin Robinson, and, just for fun, let’s bring in this new guy from the injured list and let him return a punt.

My goodness, we are thick with talent.

With or without Favre, we might be solid enough to be serious contenders for a good three to four years.

Favre really set the bar high when he said to the media and his teammates that this was the most talented football team he had ever been on—quite a strategic motivational statement to an aspiring, but not convinced or proven group of young guys.

We would not be where we are without the old field general actually shaping these guys by his leadership and example, whether they realized it at the time or not. He has been part player and part coach for this team. Sure McCarthy has done a great job, but Favre has been critically instrumental in the development of these young offensive players into a performing unit.

None of them are Chad Johnsons—they are all hungry, professional, extremely hard-working, and an inspirational reflection of Packer tradition. I mean, what are they gonna do, smart off to Bret Favre? Let Bret Favre down by not playing hard or giving 100 percent?

If you are a young guy out there in a huddle with a QB who has started 250 games in a row, how is it going to make you look if you slack off and don’t take your opportunity seriously? Do you want the frown of this legend? Heck no, you’re gonna bring everything you've got on every play.

Just look at the efforts these stallions give AFTER they catch the ball. It’s like they are driven machines that twist and turn like cats. They are all extremely tough, agile, and fearless. They usually give you an unexpected move after they catch to try to get loose toward the end zone. I attribute some of that to talent and some of it to wanting to be part of the Favre offensive machine.

They are playing with Favre-heart. He has passed on his extreme drive to win and his lethal determination to the next generation of Green Bay Packers.

Love it!

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