Can Tim Tebow Lead the Florida Gators to an SEC Championship?

ThomasSenior Writer IAugust 11, 2008

Last year, Tim Tebow captured everyone’s attention as he became the first underclassman to win the Heisman Trophy.  This year though, Tebow has bigger expectations; mainly, getting the Gators to the SEC Championship game.

Tebow has yet to lead the Gators to a championship game or even to pull off a fourth-quarter comeback.  He needs to show he can lead a comeback if his team is gonna even have a chance at the championship game. 

Speaking about the coming season, Tebow said:  “If I don't win any awards but the SEC championship, that's good enough for me.”

Last season, everyone wondered if he could play well every down.  Well, he definitely answered that question by scoring 55 total touchdowns and winning himself a Heisman Trophy.

This year, the question is: can he win a championship game?  Everyone seems to think his experience can lead the team to a championship.

Last season, he had a lot of first-time situations such as that 20-17 loss to Auburn and losing the Capital One Bowl to Michigan.  This season, he’ll be ready for those same situations.

"Last year, for the most part, that was everybody's first time being in big situations, being in the close games, being behind," he said. "The maturity and work ethic of being in those games really gave us the know-how to try and figure some of those situations out and to find a way to win some of those games.

"I think it will be different this year. I think we'll handle those tough situations a lot better." 

According to Tebow’s fellow players, he’s prepared this season, at least that’s what Louis Murphy thinks.

The senior receiver said:  “All I know is that I wouldn't doubt that guy.  We've worked hard at those situations. He's worked hard at them, on the field and in the film room. Our chemistry will be better in those situations this year. It's not all on Tim."

Over time, Tebow seems to be getting comfortable in the pocket and reducing his mistakes.  One of his main things he practiced on during the offseason was his ability to throw under pressure from the pocket.

Dan Mullen, offensive director for the Gators, said:  "I don't know if he's taken the next step [as a pocket passer].  In my mind, we still have a ways to go on that. A lot of it is that we let him go and make plays, and that's what he does really well.

"One thing with Tim is that he's always going to work [on throwing from the pocket]. That was one of the big focuses during two-a-days and was in the spring. It's not something that's a two-week deal or a couple of practices or a couple of months.

"I think that overall development is something he's going to be working on, hopefully for him, for the next 10 to 15 years."

Tim Tebow looks to have a perfect season with the Gators.  His main goal this season is to win the SEC Championship game in Atlanta. 

He said: “My goal is to win the SEC championship.  If we do that, winning a national championship will take care of itself. I think the hardest thing to do in college football is to win the SEC championship.

"That's my goal as a quarterback, to lead my team to an SEC title. You might not have great games, but it's more than that. It's finding a way to win games. It's being a great leader and finding a way to get your team to the championship game."

With the entire University of Florida behind him, Tebow will look to fulfill his dream and win the SEC.  What do you think?  Will Tim Tebow be able to take the Gators to a SEC Championship game? Will he be able to win another Heisman?  Post your opinions down below.