Rey Mysterio—We Found the Mask, Where's the Man?

DozerCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2008

"The Biggest Little Man" is the title of Rey Mysterio's newest DVD produced by WWE. Lately he's been making a big scene with little results.

He got injured at the hands of Chavo Guerrero and was out for almost a year. He returned and put Guerrero out of action for a little while. He worked his way up in the standing, earning himself a World Heavyweight Championship match against Edge at The Royal Rumble. He got injured overseas days before his match at the Rumble, and was out for a few more months.

Fast forward to the Annual WWE Draft where Rey Mysterio was drafted to RAW. He started a feud with Santino Marella. He was on RAW for three weeks in a row—the night of the draft, the following week when we was interrupted by Marella, and the next week when he defeated Marella.

And then, the disappearing act...he disappeared. Then, suddenly, Kane pulled Rey Mysterio's mask out of that burlap. Before he did so, he said, "The man who wore it has been scarred and tortured and damaged beyond all human recognition." This brings up the question I have been asking myself for a few weeks now, "Where is Rey Mysterio?" 

The last two years have been a constant roller coaster for Mysterio (real name Oscar Gutierez). The only thing he's really done since winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22 was win the WWE Tag Team Championship from MNM with Batista—which led up to their encounter with then-World Tag Team Champions Kane & Big Show (only to lose the titles back to MNM in a Steel Cage Match where Mark Henry interfered).

Mysterio is a multiple time tag team champion, a former World Heavyweight Champion, and a record nine-time Cruiserweight Champion (between WCW and WWE).

I was glad to see that the WWE didn't put him back in the Cruiserweight Division after falling out of the World Title picture. I thought maybe that had something good/big in store for him. Maybe another tag team run, perhaps even a successful run as United States Champion.

But that never happened—nothing happened.

They gave him a push, he got injured. They gave him a bigger push...he got injured again. Now it seems like they were going to push him again (I don't know exactly for what, but they put him on the cover of WWE Magazine, he was the first draft pick...seemed lke they were going somewhere with him)—and now it seems he got inured...yet again.

But there is nothing posted on about Mysterio's "mysterious" absence as of late. His bio still says that he is recovering from a bicep injury at the hands of The Big Show.

First off, that injury wasn't caused by The Big Show, only worsened by him. Second of all, he IS listed on the RAW Roster on, so it's obvious (if people hadn't been watching the last two months) that Mysterio was drafted to RAW, but it doesn't even say that on his bio...what the heck is going on here guys?