OK, I Get It! Brock Lesnar Is the Biggest Thing in the UFC! Happy?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IAugust 11, 2008

Okay folks, I have gotten the message loud and clear and will attempt to spread the news: Brock Lesnar is now literally, and figuratively "the" biggest phenom to hit the octagon in the UFC.

At 6'3" and 280# by the time he enters the arena, he is a huge imposing mountainous  man.

I must admit that to me he appears to be an overly muscled athlete who is so muscle bound that I am sure someone else must put his socks on for him, and then tie his sneakers as well. (I have seen horses like that; too well muscled to be at all flexible, but amazing to look at or photograph).

One certainly can tell from his most recent fight that he is learning a lot about the sport of MMA and is rapidly improving.

As some experts have mentioned, he may lack the flexibility to "put the under hooks in" when on top of his opponent, but by virtue of his great size and incredible weight advantage he can lay and pray with the best of them. Except for a Brahma bull, I can't see anyone bucking him off once he gets settled in the top position.

He has the bum rush of a charging bull and rocked Herring just as efficiently as a bull charging a downed cowboy in a rodeo arena. His astonishing speed is not unlike a bull's either--just ask any bull-riding cowboy. How something so large can be so deceptively fast is nothing short of miraculous.

If anyone out there has an idea of who would pose a challenge for him in a fight, feel free to clue me in, I can think of no one equal to the task. (That does not mean I can't think of several fighters that I would enjoy seeing meet destruction at his hands, however).

You have to give Heath Herring credit for stepping into the ring with Lesnar; I am certain that lesser men would need a sudden unscheduled commercial break to use the bathroom and change their shorts.

I can only imagine the sound made when Brock charged across the octagon; could the vibrations alone have been enough to send Heath rolling backwards from Brock the way he did?

It was certainly one of those dangerous "Stop, drop, and roll" situations; kind of like a California earthquake in my vivid imagination.

To find out who suffered more from their fight injuries, one would have to listen in on a conversation between Jon Fitch and Herring to find the answer. Both men were memorably marked up from their battle with superior forces.

If one of them was more humiliated by his loss, I would guess it was the "Crazy Horse" Herring who did not show up for the post fight press conference, as I recall it. Brock certainly did "ride him hard and put him up wet" after he roped him and reeled him in post-fight.

So I must say "mea culpas" to my readers and admit that Brock Lesnar was worth every Dana pinched dollar that Brock has received, and I have to agree at what a great draw he will be, after my article received over 1000 reads and 73+ comments, which for one of my articles is unheard of (was that too much like bragging or just telling the truth?)

And now for the biggie: Brock's antics were no worse than Shonie Carter's lewd shimmies, Brandan Vera's Inca dance, Nick/Nate's Diaz's one fingered salutes, or Georges' back-flips, which always give me concern for an unanticipated self KO after the fight.

And lastly, not many MMA fighters could make me feel small, but I freely admit, Brock Lesnar can.