Gary Sheffield Displeased with His Role with the Detroit Tigers

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst IAugust 11, 2008

Gary, please, just shut up!

During a recent road trip in Chicago, Gary Sheffield was talking with a Boston Globe writer and said that he feels well enough to play in the outfield instead of being the designated hitter.

"I can be in the outfield everyday...I don't want to DH, I don't feel like a baseball player when I DH." Sheffield said. "I don't know how to be the leader that I am from the bench...I can't be vocal, I don't feel right about it"

My Analysis:
Gary, Gary, Gary...Oi Vay! You can't play outfield everyday, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can't. You're lackadaisical in the outfield and even when you're not, you are not fast enough to play the outfield anymore.

When Jim Leyland was asked about the remarks he responded, "Tough...I was totally flabbergasted by that article, and totally caught off guard," Leyland said. "When we made the trade for Gary, we got the permission to speak to Gary, and I told him that we were bringing him in to DH, and if he didn't like that then don't accept the trade."

My Analysis: 
I agree with Leyland. Jim Leyland, myself, and other Tiger fans all agree that Gary Sheffield is a DH now at this point in his career and nothing more.

When Sheffield was asked what he meant of his comments, he replied that those remarks were about earlier in the season, when Leyland was platooning him (Sheffield), Matt Joyce, and Marcus Thames in left field. Sheff admitted that he was just trying to express frustration.

The Tiger's manager, Leyland, said that he has played in 36 of 43 games since returning from the DL, "I hardly consider that platooning, I'm sorry," Jim stated.

Sheff used to be listed as a "designated hitter" on the Tigers' active roster, and Sheffield refused that he is listed as that. "I wouldn't let them put me down as a DH because in my mind that's not what I am."

Also about the platooning subject Sheffield disagreed with Leyland's definition and said, "...that's what I call platooning. I mean, if you're an everyday player, you play 59 out of 59, unless you can't play."

My Analysis:
We already went over this Gary, you are a DH, and you should be happy with 36 of 43 games played with you're horrible numbers this season. You will never be able to play 59 of 59 because of your multiple ailments.

I wouldn't mind if the Tigers got rid of you by the beginning of next season, but I don't think anybody even wants you.

NOTE TO SHEFFIELD: If your shoulder hurts so much, stop wiggling your bat so much. It doesn't help you anyway. 

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