Packers-Bengals: Green Bay Fumbles Victory Away

Andrew KaakeCorrespondent IIAugust 11, 2008

I didn't manage to catch the entire football game, but I saw the last part of the fourth quarter. I was not pleased.

The question in my mind was simple enough: How did the Packers manage to lose to the Bengals? They not only blew a 10-point lead, but they botched the final scoring drive.

What went wrong? Keep reading.

The Packers actually destroyed the Bengals in several stat categories. They had 383 yards to Cincinnati's 241, and their 271 passing yards more than doubled the Bengals' QB gains. Green Bay managed eight third-down conversions to the Bengals' four. They even controlled the ball for a marginally longer period of time.

As well as the Pack did in certain areas, some key things destroyed them.

The first thing that caught my eye was the turnover margin—Green Bay had three to Cincinatti's one. The other area where the Packers suffered was penalties. After starting off the game with a false start, Green Bay committed a total of 75-yards' worth of penalties. These two factors essentially decided the game.


Stud of the Game: James Jones. He made Aaron Rodgers look good, taking a pass 30 yards to the end zone after getting his helmet knocked off in the process of shaking a defender.


Dud of the Game: Kregg Lumpkin. He had the catch, he shook the tackle, and he STILL dropped the ball! Green Bay was unable to recover the fumble and was therefore unable to complete their last-chance drive.


Player to Watch: Aaron Rodgers. Honestly, whom else could I pick? I'm going to be watching him all season. After his mediocre start in professional football, I hope that he was a little nervous today. I, though not exactly a Rodgers fan yet, know that he is capable of more. Do it, Aaron. Live up to your predecessor. Make us cheeseheads proud.