Summer Olympics Not Popular in Canada

Matt EichelSenior Writer IAugust 11, 2008

So far, there's a long list of countries that have won medals.

The usual countries—China, United States, Korea, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Japan, and Australia.


Azerbaijan? Uzbekistan?? Tajikstan???

And who doesn't have a medal? Canada! And does anyone seem to care? Not in Canada.

To be blunt, I've got a feeling that many Canadians don't seem to care much about the Summer Olympics at all. And, why should they? There's a very small amount of summer athletes, and there are very few competitions that Canada is known for getting a medal in—rowing, cycling, diving, and sometimes either beach volleyball or tennis pairs.

Besides that, Canada doesn't seem to be able to be one of the top countries, let alone anywhere in the top. And, why should Canadians care? I've heard excuses to watch US swimmer Michael Phelps because he's going for eight gold medals at single Olympics. Why would we watch a US swimmer? I'm not American.

And, why should people in Canada care? We aren't a summer country. We're above the freezing line, and we look at the medal standings between the Summer and Winter Olympics, we see that Canada always finishes as one of the top countries in the medal standings during the Winter Olympics.

We excel at winter sports including bobsledding, slalom skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, luge, skeleton, and many, many more. And, why not? We're a winter country.

Although the Olympics is an event that brings the world together, I'd rather watch if there's going to be a minor-league signing in the NHL or if the Toronto Blue Jays won a game for once if my country is not competing.

And why watch...Uzbekistan has a medal for crying out loud.

And back to I go.

I don't know about you, but I really don't care.