Open Mic: MLB - All-Time Modern Expansion Team

Shawn DommerAnalyst IAugust 11, 2008

The expansion years of Major League Baseball are some of the most exciting. With all the new merchandising and flashy promotions, fans are given a real treat when MLB expands.

(Unfortunately, since most of the primary colors are already taken, the teams have to put together a uniform with teals, aquas, purples and other assorted colors. Does any one not agree that the Devil Rays, Marlins and Diamondbacks had some of the worst looking uniforms in history?)

Anyway, on to the team. The rules are simple: if a player was taken in an expansion draft or on the opening day roster of the expansion team in their first season, he is eligible for this team. I took the four most recent expansions ('93 Rockies, '93 Marlins, '98 Diamondbacks and '98 Devil Rays) and this is the team I would put together.


Starter: Fred McGriff—'98 Devil Rays—Signed as Free Agent

.284 BA 493 HR 1,550 RBIs (18 Seasons)

Backup: Andres Galarraga—'93 Rockies—Signed as Free Agent

.288 BA 399 HR 1,425 RBI (19 Seasons)

They also rank one and two on the team for Cool Nicknames. There's no hiding from the Big Cat and the Crime Dog.


Starter: Eric Young—'93 Rockies—Drafted from LAD

.283 BA 79 HR 543 RBIs 465 SB (14 Seasons)

Backup: Miguel Cairo—'98 Devil Rays—Drafted from CHC

.266 BA 27 HR 508 RBI's 127 SB (12 Seasons)

Cairo, while not having amazing numbers has consistently contributed to good teams.


Starter:  Wade Boggs—'98 Devil Rays—Signed as Free Agent (NYY)

.328 BA 3,010 Career Hits  117 HR  1,014 RBIs  578 2B  1,412 Walks (17 Seasons)

Backup:Matt Williams—'98 Diamondbacks—Traded (Cle)

.268 BA 378 HR 1,218 RBI's (14 Seasons)

Boggs' consistency easily outweighs Williams' power.


Starter:Vinny Castilla—'93 Rockies—Drafted from ATL as SS

.276 BA  320 HR  1,105 RBIs (16 Seasons)

Backup: Walt Weiss—'93 Marlins—Traded (Oak)

.258 BA  25 HR  386 RBIs (13 Seasons)


Starter: Benito Santiago—'93 Marlins—Signed as Free Agent (SD)

.263 BA  217 HR  920 RBIs (19 Seasons)

Backup: Joe Girardi—'93 Rockies—Drafter from CHC

.267 BA  36 HR  422 HR  (14 Seasons)



Bobby Abreu—'98 Devil Rays—Drafted from Hou—Traded to PHL

.299 BA  236 HR  1,061 RBIs (12 Seasons)

Carl Everett—'93 Marlins—Drafted from NYY

.271 BA  202 HR  792 RBIs (13 Seasons)

Dale Murphy—'93 Rockies—Signed as Free Agent (PHL)

.265 BA  398 HR  1,266 RBIs (18 Seasons)


Randy Winn—'98 Rays—Drafted from FLA

.287 BA  99 HR  568 RBIs (10 Seasons)

Jeff Conine—'93 Marlins—Drafted from KC

.285 BA  215 HR  1,071 RBIs (17 Seasons)


Andy Ashby—'93 Rockies—Drafted from PHL

98 Wins  4.12 ERA 1810.2 IP (13 Seasons) 

Jeff Suppan—'98 Diamondbacks—Drafted from BOS

125 Wins  4.61 ERA  2,199 IP  (13 Seasons)

Andy Benes—'98 Diamondbacks—Signed as Free Agent (STL)

155 Wins  3.97 ERA 2,000 K  2,505 IP (13 Seasons)

Cory Lidle—'98 Diamondbacks—Drafted from NYM

82 Wins  4.57 ERA  838 K (Nine Seasons)

Set Up

Roberto Hernandez—'98 Devil Rays—Signed as Free Agent (SF)

67 Wins  326 Saves  945 K (16 Seasons)


Trevor Hoffman—'93 Marlins—Drafter from CIN

54 Wins  549 Saves 2.79 ERA


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