What August 17 Means To Football

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst IAugust 11, 2008

The day I wait for and pray for is nearly upon us, the day when the brilliant or brutal memories of May come flooding back, the day when the new and young test themselves against the usual suspects, this day marks the beginning of the Premiership season.

This past summer wasn't as bad as previous gone by. We had an amazing Euro 2008, a sensational Wimbledon and scintillating British Open and USPGA. They all helped pass the time, but that really hits the nail on the head. That's all it does, pass time until midway through August when football's greatest league re-starts.

Regardless of your team's position every fan eagerly awaits the return of competitive league action, unless of course you follow Luton Town and there is absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel.

August excites many because for the one and only time in the season, Stoke are level with Manchester United, Hull City sit above Liverpool and Bolton Wanderers sit in the Champions League places.

August excites many because the crap has been shipped out and the new blood is eager to be tested. The millions and millions of pounds spent on players is finally put to the test against the tried and tested. Can Deco set the world elite and even at the other end of the spectrum can Dave Kitson fire Stoke to safety?

August excites many because we are hyped up by SkySports Escala ad featuring Ronaldo, Gerrard, Terry, Adebayor, Fabregas, Young, Berbatov, Owen and Santa Cruz in action. That really hits me at how much each and every one of them has been missing from my living room for three months.

August excites many because it's the feeling of walking through the turnstiles for the opening game and seeing an untouched pitch and renewed optimism among old friends who are only ever met in the pub preceding and following the match.

August excites me because it gives me more belief than ever that this is my beloved Newcastle's year, we can finally win some silverware or push for the top four. Is it stupid or idiocy, no it's every fan's right on August 17th. In April it may be a different story but for now nobody can dismiss my hopes and dreams.

August excites me because when I stand on the terraces with my fellow fan's and dusting off some old favourites, then belt them out. A united front and we're all pulling for the same goal, and hating opposition players universally. Come that first match and the first goal, then I will finally know that my beloved Newcastle and Premiership is back.