Will Mark Cuban Come to the Cubs?

CC OCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2008

With all this Olympic excitement in the air, I almost forgot about the Cubbies. I'm sorry Cubbies. So I turned my attention to an important point: the future ownership, specifically the possibility of Mark Cuban spending his (hard earned?) money to support the hometown team.

But Chicago isn't Mark Cuban's hometown! And the Govanator isn't from Cali either, but the people supported him didn't they?* Well now it is time that the people of Chicago support Cuban.

*Later, I found a similar mention of Arnold's original citizenship while reading some other blog posts about this issue (specifically this one). I still wanted to leave the reference in though; it's dramatic.

Think about Wrigley Field. It lands at No. 30 on the Stuff White People Like list. Cubs fans are fratty, drunk, and rowdy, and they're ready to accept Cuban among them.

But I don't have to convince the people of Chicago this fact, they know. The other MLB owners have laid down the major roadblock.  Their refusal to approve Cuban into Cubs ownership is part of an antiquated way of looking at the position of an owner in baseball.

One great idea—force their hand with "an offer they can't refuse." (PS if you click only one link in this article, I'd recommend that one. Though SWPL is pretty funny too.) The offer though, is less "decapitated horse head" and more "donate to the MLB charity."

The campaign is featured on the Cuban and the Cubs official website, which I referenced above, and on The Point. The more people give, the more that will be donated to charity but ONLY if Mark Cuban becomes the final owner. How's that for ingenuity?

The site is www.thepoint.com, or you can go straight to the the campaign!

It's a great world when I can help students afford college and make sure that the Wrigley bleachers will remain a stronghold of debauchery.