Braves Manager Bobby Cox: Overrated or Not Appreciated?

Richard Glaze IICorrespondent IAugust 11, 2008

Bobby Cox has truly done it all as a manager in the world of baseball. Currently, he is the longest tenured manager, he has led the Atlanta Braves to 14 straight division titles, he has led the team to a World Series Victory in 1995, he has over 2,000 victories as a Braves manager, and if you think that’s impressive, he even took it upon himself to have the all-time record for ejections. With all those accomplishments, Cox still has his critics who feel that the Braves should go in a new direction managerial direction.


Unfortunately, the Braves have not been in the playoffs since 2005 and will unlikely make the playoffs this year. It also does not sit well with critics that Bobby Cox has managed the Braves to one World Series title out of 14 division titles and the 5 appearances in the World Series. Also, many critics feel that there have been so many great baseball players (David Justice, Fred McGriff, Chipper Jones, John Smoltz, and etc.) to play for the Atlanta Braves under Bobby Cox them to be a favorite each year during the 90s but to always fall short in the playoffs. Indeed, these examples may not be the best accomplishments in Cox’s managing career.


The baseball critics may have substantial evidence that may question Cox’s legacy. However, they cannot deny that Bobby Cox is one of the greatest managers in baseball history. His great accomplishments that he has made overshadow all the downfalls mentioned by critics and most of his accomplishments of his Braves’ team will forever be remembered in baseball history. How many managers past and present have won 14 straight division titles, which is currently a Major League Baseball Record? How many managers past and present have never won a World Series? How many managers can come to a last place team the following year and lead his team to a World Series during his first season. That answer is self-explanatory, and whether his critics like it or not, Bobby Cox is here to stay. The Braves may be out of the division race this year, but never count out the managing skills of the future Hall-of-Fame Manager Bobby Cox and his farm system of good talent. The tomahawk chop will rise again at Turner Field, and when they are free of the injury bug from this year, look for them to fight for redemption in  the N.L. East  next year.