What Does Brett Favre's Addition Mean for the Jets' Offensive Fantasy Impact?

gregory caldarellaAnalyst IAugust 11, 2008

The addition of Brett Favre to the New York Jets has been well publicized and covered by the media way too much.

But I look into this situation with a fantasy outlook rather than an eternal infatuation with Favre like the media has. Favre immediately makes the Jets a better offense and a better team. Let's see how his new offensive weapons will fare this time around:

Thomas Jones was a guy I already pegged as having a bounce back year after suffering a sub par season by his standards in the punchless Jets offense. Jones will benefit greatly from the attention defenses will be directing towards the passing game now and should enjoy plenty more lanes and running space.

Jones has always been a shifty runner and he can also make plays through the air. Brett Favre really knows how to utilize a runner like Jones as I compare him to an Ahman Green type player.

Laverneus Coles and Jerricho Cotchery have to be the happiest of all the offensive players. They now finally have a QB that can put the ball wherever he wants on the field and fit balls into tight spots. These talented wide-outs would probably have had even better years if they had a QB with an above average arm.

Let's face it Jets fans, Kellen Clemens vs. Chad Pennington is not the most desirable QB battle. In fact, probably only Kyle Orton vs. Rex Grossman and the Miami debacle are worse. Favre has made WR's careers throughout his time; just wait to see what he can do for Coles and Cotchery.

I can see Cotchery becoming his new favorite target. Cotchery has all the tools to become a very good wide-out and Favre will almost assuredly bring the best out in him. Cocthery can almost project to have a Greg Jennings like season with even more receptions.

On the other hand, Coles will probably become his most trusted receiver, a la Donald Driver. Like Driver, Coles is a very crafty veteran who knows how to get open and has sure hands.

All three of these offensive players will have a resurgence thanks to Favre's arrival. I would have liked to draft these players as mid round value picks that flew under the radar, but now I might have more trouble scooping them up.

Any top WR that has Favre throwing him the ball is sure to have a solid year so take note of this and watch Favre work his magic yet again...