Jeff Jarrett's Return a Good Sign for TNA?

Eric ShepperdContributor IAugust 11, 2008

Hello Wrestling fans, my name is Eric Shepperd and I will be writing about various topics in professional wrestling. WWE, TNA, and the independent circuit will all be covered.

My first article will be about last night's Hard Justice PPV and the hinted return of "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett.

Last Night TNA held their annual Hard Justice PPV from Trenton, New Jersey. The card featured some good bouts, but the thing that everyone is talking about is the finish to Joe vs Booker. These two men battled it out in a Six-Sides of Steel with weapons and had a solid bout.

Personally I think the match would have been better if it was just the cage.

Anyway, Booker went for the Axe Kick but the lights went out which can only mean one thing...Sting! But in the past few weeks the lights have gone out and come back on with Booker T holding Sting's bat.

Last night the lights came back on and to everyone's surprise Samoa Joe was holding a guitar. Wham! Joe crushed Booker with it and picked up the victory. Now who is the man that always uses a guitar? Well the one and only Jeff Jarrett of course.

Don West and Mike Tenay did a good job by not saying Jarrett's name but still letting the people at home know it meant Jarrett. Now the question is, is Jarrett's return a good thing for TNA?

Back when TNA first got a deal with Spike TV, TNA fans across the board were calling for Jarrett to step down from the main event. Jarrett had been in the main event picture since day one of TNA. I myself believe he deserves to be there, but you can't keep someone in the title picture forever.

After losing to Sting at Bound For Glory in 2006 Jarrett stepped away from TNA wrestling for quite some time. When he returned he returned as a face and tried to right the wrongs he had committed in the past. Unfortunately, Jeff's wife lost her battle with cancer and Jarrett has been off TV ever since.

It's been awhile since we have seen Jeff Jarrett inside a TNA ring, and I think it's just about time. This might not raise the ratings for Impact or help with the PPV buys, but it will give this fan one more reason to watch Impact on Thursday nights.

Now onto my thoughts for the rest of the PPV.

"Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed

I was at a wedding so I didn't get to see some of the first matches. From reading the results Creed came off strong, which is a good thing, and I'm glad to see Bashir on PPV. I always thought the man formerly known as Davari was very talented but he was just never really given a chance. Hopefully TNA will be the right place for him.

Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim & ODB vs. The Beautiful People & Awesome Kong

Didn't see this one either so I can't really comment on it, but it's good to see Wilde pick up another win. It's funny: TNA knockouts are on PPV every month unlike the WWE divas.

The Latin American Xchange vs. Beer Money

This was the last match I missed and the one I'm upset that I did. Hopefully they put on a good match and it's great to see Roode and Storm become tag team champs. They're both great workers and great heels so hopefully this cheap win means more matchups with LAX!

"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal vs. "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt

Solid chain match with a stupid stipulation tagged on it. There was no need to have someone be able to win by ripping off their opponents tuxedo. Those "Fire Russo" chants are great. I don't know if this was Russo idea or not, but the Internet keeps reporting that these bad ideas aren't from the mind of Russo.

Which confuses me, since they are exactly something Russo would book. I am liking this feud though, and it gets two talented wrestlers airtime, which is always a good thing.

"The Instant Classic" Christian Cage & "The War Machine" Rhino vs. Team 3D

Very nice street-fight with an awesome finish. I personally thought we were going to see the glass table come into play. Nice to see Abyss out to save Christian and Rhino and not Taylor Wide.

If Abyss not using a weapon goes on long enough, there should be a huge pop when he finally does snap and uses one.

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

Great promo by AJ before the match. It was short and sweet and straight to the point, one of his best IMO.

Very good bout between two of the best IMO. At first the fact that it was really a Texas death match annoyed me, but as the match progressed I was fine.

I loved the senton by Angle off of the stage. That DDT looked really nasty from one of the camera angles. I like how AJ ran back in and attacked Kurt even though Kurt was "injured."

Don West put it very well when he said that AJ had just had enough of Kurt accusing him of sleeping with Karen. The lights out surprised me and Sting hitting the Death Drop on AJ did as well. This Sting storyline is really interesting and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

So those are my thoughts on the PPV. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read what I have to say.

Eric Shepperd