Winnipeg Blue Bombers Name Kevin Glenn Starting QB

Chris Allen@@ChrisATheTruthSenior Analyst IAugust 11, 2008

He sat on the sidelines for the past week, watching his team get its first win of the season, then continue on with two straight loses. People have been wondering if last year's Eastern Division MVP had "lost his spark".

After last week's game, it seems maybe not. Kevin Glenn led the Winnipeg Blue Bombers offense down the field, 80 yards in seven plays, capping off the drive with a seven-yard TD pass to Derick Armstrong. Glenn scored the only TD pass of the game for the Bombers, and he definitely showed that he wants his starting position back.

And he got it.

However, Glenn seemed to be focused and concentrated on getting the win against the Hamilton Tigercats this Thursday night. When asked about his feelings after being named the team's starting quarterback, Glenn said "Umm...I mean, what can you say? It's an opportunity for you to go back in and ah, you know, help your team get the win. That's the most important thing."

When Glenn was asked if he should perhaps be a vocal leader, he said "I've never thought that words win games, so as far as vocals goes, if that's your nature, then that's what you do. We have to go out, everybody has to go out, and step it up and play as a team, and our actions on the field need to show, and thats what will produce wins, not just talking about it."

Doug Berry has also announced that Glenn will be calling his own plays on Thursday night, but Glenn seems a bit worried about the idea.

"Uh yeah, so, we'll see how that goes. You know, I'm 50-50 on it, sometimes it's at a disadvantage for a quarterback to do that kind of stuff, instead of worrying about the game, you're worried about other things as far as what play to call, and if this is the right play, and am I satisfying everybody getting the ball."

Glenn also seemed to have no hard feeling about being benched for the three games.

"Like I said, you always learn, you know, whether you're on the field or off the field, you always learn, you always can sit back and you can watch the games, and take notes from other guys that are one wants to sit on the bench, and everyone wants to play, thats why we play this sport, because we're competitors."

Doug Berry was also still pleased with Ryan Dinwiddie's performance, and is happy he has some experience in the backup QB now.

"You know, we played with Ryan Dinwiddie, and we got the spark we were looking for from him. We hoped we would be able to get it for another game, and when it was evident after two more that it just wasn't happening, I just felt like it was time to go back to who I believe to be our number one quarterback, unless he was taken out, and nobody's knocked out the champion."

"He still has tremendous respect from his teammates and the coaches, so, we'll put a little bit more onus on him now that he's back, and I think he's gonna look forward and relish this opportunity."

Bombers fans all over are hoping that Glenn can relish this oppurtunity and get the Bombers their second win against the season against the Hamilton Tigercats this Thursday night.

And some hope from Kevin Glenn, who said himself that the Toronto Argonauts started off the season at 2-7 and were able to make it all the way to the first place spot in the Eastern Division, and lost in the Eastern Final, which was hosted in Toronto.


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