Evolution - The Most Dominant Force in the History Of WWE

George ButcherCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2008

In 2003 a group was formed that would change the face of the WWE. This faction was called "Evolution", and together they were defiant champions who helped each other as one.

This group consisted of Randy Orton (Intercontinental Champion) Batista and Ric Flair (Tag Team Champions) and Triple H (World Heavyweight Champion).

Triple H was the leader who put the group together, and brought in young stars Orton and Batista to develop the future. All were champions for a long time, letting nobody past and nobody take what was theirs.

Batista entered the group when he broke the leg of Goldberg, And therefore won a free pass to the top. His only championships were the tag titles with Flair, and Triple H saw a potential animal inside of him.

Flair was already with Triple H from the start, and was tag champion with Batista during his time in the group.

Orton joined after being drafted to Raw, and asked to come into it by Triple H. Orton was the Intercontinental Champion throughout his time in the group, and eventually became the youngest World Champion in history.

The group thrived for Orton to win the World title at SummerSlam of 2004, and when he RKO'd his way to victory, the title was back in Evolution again. The following night, the other three helped Orton to defend the title on Raw. During his celebration though, Orton became enemy number one.

He was betrayed by Evolution, and was taken out by Triple H and Batista. He made things worse for himself after that, when he refused to hand over the title to Triple H and spat in his face. At Unforgiven a few weeks later, Orton was officially out of the group and had lost the title to Triple H. So Evolution were down to three.

After winning the 2005 Royal Rumble, Batista had to make a tough decision of what title to go for at WrestleMania 21, and was told to go to SmackDown by Triple H. Batista didn't like to be told what to do and gave the thumbs down as he destroyed Flair and put Triple H through a table.

He had made his mind up, and he had left Evolution for good. At WrestleMania, Batista came out as the victor and had taken his first World title from The Game. Their feud went on for a few months before Batista was drafted to Smackdown in July and took the title with him.

Flair then left after he and Triple H had a bit of a rivalry with one another, and Evolution was destroyed completely. What Triple H had created to be a dominant group only turned on him as the others got better and decided to leave.

As each left, the group which changed the WWE imploded in front of our eyes.

Some may say it was for the better, but without Evolution, WWE wouldn't be what it is today with Orton and Batista on top. And as for Triple H and Flair - well Flair's retired and Triple H is the WWE Champion, so Why hate Evolution? Just grow to love them!