Ohio State Football Makes for a Great Autumn Weekend in Columbus

Matt MadridCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2008

There's no better time than this season to get down to Ohio State for a football game in the fall.  They return 10 starters on each side of the ball, including five with All-American talent.

This season will be a disappointment to all fans and players if it doesn't end with a BCS National Championship title.  All these players didn't come back for the accolades or awards, but for that ring.  That's why I think this year will very much like 2006, when we also thought that there was nothing holding us back from a title.

A fall weekend in Columbus usually goes something like this...

Arrive in Columbus around 8:30 pm on Friday and meet up with your friends at one of the many wild parties on campus.  The party is usually enclosed by an orange snow fence, so technically the cops can't just walk right in.  You consume about 10 to 15 beers while mixing in a keg stand or two.

The worst part about the night is waiting 10 minutes in line to get to the keg, unless you're staying with the people who live there.  Then it's legal to call "house" and cut everyone. 

Around 3:00 am you do one of two things.  First, find that hotty you have been talking to for some of the night and see if she's down to go back to her place for the night.  If not, it's usually taking off with your buddies and stopping in to eat where all the drunk people are for a late night snack (usually Cane's—get the No. 3 combo). 

With a noon start time, you wake up around 8:30 am—unless you have to make the walk of shame back to where you're staying.  While having a beer in the shower, you can hear the OSU Marching Band being played on the stereo while College Game Day is on mute on TV.

Once out of the shower, you throw on your Buckeye jersey and pound at least seven to 10 beers while throwing a football around the yard before heading over to the game.

As you get to your seats, you hear the rumbling of the "Buckeye Battle Cry" as the band enters through the north stands.  The crowd goes wild.

When The Best Damn Band In The Land goes into "Script Ohio," the Horseshoe erupts.  As the sousaphone player marches out to dot the "i" there is a jolt of electricity that strikes the 100,000-plus crowd, and goosebumps are sent running down your body.

After a Buckeye win, you meet up with pretty much everyone you know at The Varsity Club and drink and hang out in the sea of scarlet until it's time to finally eat something.  You grab a slice of pizza and head out to another bar—no need to change, because on a Saturday night after a game it's not about looking good.  It's about being a Buckeye and enjoying the fun that is packed in everywhere you go.

Once the bars close, you head back somewhere for after hours, where you smash a couple more beers before going back to the place and sleeping.

Wake up around 11:30 am on Sunday, grab a shower, and then meet up with friends/relatives in the area you've promised you would give a call to while you were in town.  These relatives also may buy your huge lunch since you've spent all your money on beer and haven't eaten a damn thing.

Eddie George's Grille is the place to be on Sundays, with a large number of TVs with the NFL network so you can watch any game you want while checking your fantasy numbers on your phone.

Depart around 6:00 pm and chalk it up as a great weekend in the fall.

Even if you have feelings of hatred toward Ohio State, at least you can experience for yourself the weekends their fans get to experience week in and week out, thus resulting in them thinking they are better than everyone else. 

Go Bucks!