The Boogeyman update in WWE,possible Release or miraculous save of gimmick.

Jonathan ChristianCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2008

The Boogeyman has a big situation on his shoulders as of right now,he has nearly 4 different things going on all at once.The Boogeyman is known for beating former 5 Time WCW Champion and current TNA Superstar and TNA Champion Booker T.Boogeyman is also known for beating multiple time Tag Team and Hardcore and U.S and WWE Champion JBL.

The Boogeymans aggravated age situation has not been silenced.He is well known for participating under the First Tough Enough and being eliminated early after admitting he is almost 40 years old.Because Tough Enough had an age limit.Boogeyman right now is not the most agile wrestler ever,he is mostly a showman and Brawler among wrestling fans.His age is also getting to him and people think its time to hang up his boots.

The Boogeyman has two missing teeth,which there has been multiple stories where people say he finally got his two front teeth now.Boogeyman is known for that trademark toothless smile.

The Boogeyman also has a torn calf injury which may affect how he performs in the ring without question.Many People remember The Boogeyman's delayed debut was because of Hyper Extended knees which was known not debuting at the time because of an on set "Accident" that occurred on UPN Smackdown.

One of The Boogeyman's biggest fears is his gimmick getting stale real quick.The Boogeyman is pretty athletic if given the right gimmick.The Boogeyman known by his real name Marty Wright may be going to RAW or Smackdown under his real name Marty.The Boogeyman even has some confessions he is not athletic when it comes to being a powerhouse which is what was really intended but was destroyed after his Big Daddy V rivalry.The Boogeyman is planned to be on Friday as plans stand now.Boogeyman's gimmicks may be dead as of right now because its almost been a year since fans saw the worm eating phenom.But as posted on Wrestling Observer The Boogeyman may be transferred to Friday to cater the young audience,it may be the best thing so his gimmick wont get stale real quick.

The other gimmick they may give him is of an intimidating bully which is the way The Boogeyman was in his debut while on Friday Night Smackdown.The big question is,will this big stay away from the ring result in a release from WWE,or will WWE find away to make a stale gimmick good.