Gavin Floyd of the White Sox Stays on Track to Bounce Back Against the Red Sox

Josh WarrenCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

The White Sox couldn't have asked for a better way for the week to begin on Sunday, with Jose Contreras having hit the DL for the rest of the year, and the club falling into second place behind the Minnesota Twins. An incident like that can take the fight right out of a good ball club and send them straight to the cellar.

Apparently, someone forgot to tell the White Sox.

Gavin Floyd came out and picked up his twelfth victory on the season, in a game that saw two lead changes and plenty of sparks from the bats.

Floyd started out a bit shaky at first, having trouble getting his pitches down, which lead to a double, a walk, and finally, a three run blast from Mike Lowell, all in the first inning. After that, however, Gavin managed to pick up on his control and struck out six across 5.1 innings before he gave way to the bullpen.

Jermaine Dye kept the Sox in the game, hitting his 27th home run in the bottom of the second and Carlos Quentin started the offensive fire as he hit his American League leading 32nd home run in the bottom of the third, followed shortly by a Jim Thome homer, his 24th. The White Sox held a 5-3 lead until the sixth inning, when Floyd gave up his fourth and final run.

Matt Thornton came on in relief and pitched one inning, having an iffy outing. He didn't pitch too well, letting in one run on a wild pitch, before he loaded the bases and it was time for Octavio Dotel to work under pressure. However, Dotel didn't sweat it in the least and threw the right pitch to cause an inning ending double play.

Jenks came in and pitched a perfect ninth inning, getting his 24th save on the year. Dotel picked up his 17th hold and Thornton was also credited with a hold, his 12th.

The White Sox reclaimed first place in the AL Central with their victory on Sunday, as Minnesota fell to Kansas City in extra innings. They look to hold onto that lead a bit longer this time when they send the reliable John Danks to the bump on Monday.