Please Just Let The Genius "Sachin Tendulkar" Play

Ankit MunjalCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008


    Alright so India has put up another bad batting performance. Sachin along with the other "big three" in the middle order haven't done well in this match or the whole series for that matter. Expectedly the passionate Indian cricket fans are asking the selectors to drop these guys from the team. Well fair enough as wrong as these guys are, everyone is entitled to their opinions, I could go on about how these guys have a lot more to give to the Indian cricket team but let's just leave that line of thought for another day.

    What annoys me the most are comments such as the one I came across on the cricinfo website's live commentary feedback which was as follows:

"Since 1999, India has won 36 test matches. Most surprisingly Sachin Tendulkar was not man of the match in a single match. It shows he is not a match winning player. On the other hand man of the match award in these winning matches have gone to: Kumble -7, Dravid - 5, Harbhajan - 5, Sehwag - 3, Ganguly - 2, Laxman - 2 and Zaheer Khan - 2."

    Any one who has played cricket to any decent level realises that a players contribution to the team goes way beyond just batting and bowling statistics. Sachin in my opinion deserves better treatment than what we his so called fans dish out to him. One bad series and people start commenting on how he hasn't won us a game in ages. Well what rubbish. I mean so what if he hasn’t got "man of the match" award in any of the games India has won since '99, are they trying to tell me Sachin hasn’t set up games for the Indian bowlers to win them? Say Sachin has scored a hundred and either one of Kumble or Harbhajan goes on to get a 6/7 wicket haul to get the MOM award, does that mean that Sachin didn’t set it up, does that mean we forget his contribution. What about the countless times he's single handedly scored runs for India to get them to a face saving draw, or the countless times the batting around him has fallen to pieces only for him to score some runs to save us the embarrassment of a horribly low score. What about the countless times he's played a dominating 50+ knock taking pressure off the other batsman for them to score big. Why do people forget that?

    Statistics aren't the way we should go about judging players like Sachin. Let's just enjoy the last few years of watching one of the true greats of game, for I don't think we will see another batsman of his calibre during our life time.