Adamle: Who else would be better?

Mark SiebertCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

Ok so Mike Adamle is Raw's new General Manager. Only time will tell if he is any good at his new job, because anyone with ears and half a brain knew he was just plain terrible as an announcer. The Adamle will be now making the matches for all of the Raw superstars (as well as annoy us by placing a most often unneeded 'the' in front of everything). However, there were many other possibilities, most often improbable, for the highly anticipated announcement of Raw GM. Surely there are countless of former superstars and influential people within the WWE over the years that could have taken up the title of General Manager, but here are some that I would have been honored and/or extremely shocked to see accept the job. For one, I am and always will be a Hulkamaniac. Even with all of the drama and hardships going on with Hulk's life at the moment, what better way to turn things around by putting him in charge of the most watched cable television show on Monday nights? Hulk Hogan would have returned Raw to it's glory days, brother! No, it was just an instinctive reaction as a fan, Hogan probably would not make a good General Manager. A more serious option would be Stone Cold. He has regularly returned to do stunts in the WWE for Vince, and with a position like GM he would not have to be too concerned about any re-injuries. Working that into the plot might have prove more difficult however, since Vince supposedly hand-picked the new GM, he would have never chosen Steve Austin whom has a continuous and colorful history with the chairman. Of course there is a list of many oldies that could, should, or would have taken the job; Hacksaw Jim, Trish Stratus, Lita, Jimmy Hart, Dusty Rhodes, and so on. There are even more that we could only dream of bringing back to the WWE limelight such as Bret Hart, the Rock, or Brock Lesnar. I for one had only one real hope for whom Shane was going to introduce that Monday night to Batista and Cena as GM, and that person certainly would have 'woooooooooed' WWE fans. Yes, the high flyin', stylin', and profylin' Ric Flair, I think, would have been a no-brainer decision as General Manager of Raw. Before that night your guess was as good as any, and now we can only dream. The only fact now remains that we will be forced to put up with the least for a little while.