Andrew FongCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

Hello wrestling fans, and welcome to my first installment here at Bleacher Report. Today's issue; The World Heavyweight Championship taking the back seat?

When fan favorite CM Punk won the Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania24, I'll have to admit, I was shocked. Not because I don't think Punk deserves it, but because I couldn't believe that WWE management had finally realized that Punk deserves it. Even so, while I was excited that the "Straight-Edge Superstar" was now "Mr. Money in the Bank," I was still wary. I honestly felt that Punk would be the first briefcase wielder to not secure gold around his waist. My first thought was "who will he challenge?" World Heavyweight Champion at the time, the Undertaker was an obvious no, as I didn't see Punk being put over the Deadman. The same could be said for WWE Champion Triple H. So that left Kane, the then ECW Champion. That would be a possibility, but I didn't believe the coveted briefcase would be spent on the ECW Title. Therefore, the only logical conclusion was that Punk would cash in, and go home disappointed. 

And I was wrong. In arguably one of the most exciting openings in recent RAW history, CM Punk cashes in against a helpless Edge to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. AWESOME. There isn't a man more deserving of the honor to lead the WWE's flagship show, and it's about time WWE Creative went a new direction.

And I was wrong...again. Instead of getting programs based around our new underdog champion, the major RAW storyline is a "first time ever" battle between two guys that have been shoved down our throats for the past three years. Now don't get me wrong, I like both John Cena and Batista, I'm a big fan. But the fact remains; these men are not the World Heavyweight Champion, so the spotlight should not be on them. While CM Punk gets to play out the "I'm not a paper champion" angle, the John Cena/Batista meeting at SummerSlam is on hype central!

What's sad is that in a month, maybe two; either John Cena or Batista will squash CM Punk, and take his title. Well here's a little preview of "If I Were Booker." If I were booker, I'd put Batista over John Cena at SummerSlam, and of course CM Punk will retain in his match against JadedBoringLame. The following RAW JBL demands a rematch, citing some poor excuse as to why he couldn't get the job done atSummerSlam. Batista would then claim that he is the rightful Number One Contender and demands his title match. Over the weeks following John Cena also gets involved, prompting General Manager Mike Adamle to book a Fatal Four Way for Unforgiven; CM Punk defending his title against John Cena, Batista, and JBL. Punk would win the match in an exciting ending to retain his title. As he celebrates the victory the very familiar "I Hear Voices" plays through the sound system and a returning Randy Orton attacks the fatigued champion, setting up a CM Punk/Randy Orton program that would be one for the ages. Of course, that would only happen if I were booker.

The bottom line is this; WWE creative have taken the World Heavyweight Championship and diminished its importance. This is not because they put the strap on someone undeserving, but because they are not building their Champion into the main event star that he needs to be. The minute they begin to do that, the more exciting Monday Nights will surely be.