Will Tim Tebow Win The Heisman Again?

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

There has been much discussion on whether Tim Tebow will win the Heisman Trophy again.

Who is Tim Tebow?

Well, for the people who have been living under a cave for the last two years, Tim Tebow burst on the scene in 2006 as a backup quarterback with running back skills during Florida's National Championship run.

He was given the starting job last year as a sophomore and lit up SEC offenses, but Florida struggled while Tebow succeeded, and they did not qualify for the BCS.

Tebow won the Heisman over Arkansas running back Darren McFadden, extending Tebow's already huge popularity.

This year brings great expectations for Florida and Tim Tebow, as the team will be a year older and should be a year better.

Reasons Tim Tebow Could Win The Heisman

1. The Spread Offense

Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators run the spread offense, which gives him more passes as it is basically all in the shotgun set.

There are many teams and quarterbacks who have had success with this system. The best examples would be Timmy Chang and Colt Brennan of Hawaii, who rewrote the NCAA and wreaked havoc on WAC offences under June Jones' system. Also Texas Tech has had some success with this system.

2. His Receivers

To have a successful spread offence, you need good receivers and Florida has that, especially with another player who burst onto the scene as a freshman during Florida's National Championship run.

Percy Harvin has been used as a running back as well as WR, but is supposedly going to be used more strictly as a wideout this year, likely giving Tim Tebow more passes and more completions to Harvin.

Also, a new crop of young receivers will be returning for a second year in the NCAA and should be ready to make a huge impact. In conclusion, Tebow's receivers should be able to make big plays this fall.

3. His Athletic Ability

Tebow is basically the improvement of Mike Vick. He can run, pass, and I am pretty sure if called upon he could line up at WR. He will run over the SEC and will win his team some games with his legs alone.

His athletic ability leads to more appearances on the highlight reels, which will give him more exposure to the writers who vote for this award.

Expect to see more of the Tebow that everyone has grown to love.

4. Florida's Chances At The National Championship

Last year, the Gators did not really have a team that could contend for the National Championship, and that was the only real flaw for Tebow on his Heisman criteria.

This year, with Florida's prized recruiting crop of the 2006 offseason coming of age and getting ready to make some plays on Saturdays, the Gators look like contenders in the SEC (more on that later) and for the BCS title. If the Gators win often, that will increase Tebow's chances in a huge way.

Wrap up for reasons he could win

Tebow is a rare breed of football player who only comes up once in a generation. If he continues to play at the pace he has set, he will go down as the greatest quarterback in NCAA history.

If he plays his cards right he SHOULD win the Heisman trophy in December.

Reasons Tebow Could Lose The Heisman

1. The SEC

The SEC is the toughest conference ever assembled in college football, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee are also contenders for the SEC title and almost every team in the SEC has a fast and hard-hitting defense.

If Florida can make it out alive without a conference loss, I will be surprised, as they do have a very tough task in Tennessee on Sept. 20 in Knoxville. That will be their first real test. It looks like Tebow's stats might be going down this year.

2. The Fact He Won Last Year (The Steve Nash Effect) and The Contenders

This is what I call the Steve Nash effect, when a player who has better stats and is obviously more important to their team or is the hands down best player in the league loses because the writers want to give it to someone who hasn't won it before. This is extremely popular in College Football.

Contenders include Crabtree or Harrell from Texas Tech, Knowshon Moreno of Georgia, and Pat White of West Virginia all look like contenders for the Heisman and could beat Tebow out with the "he hasn't won before" angle.

3. Too Much Game Film

Tebow burst onto the scene last year and there wasn't much material for opposing teams to scout, now they have an entire season of film to decipher.

I am not going to use the sophomore jinx as an example, but it is possible that teams will figure out how to slow him down, but I do not see Tebow getting shut down in college football.

4. History

Last time I checked, there was only one two-time Heisman trophy winner and that was Ohio State legend Archie Griffin.

For the reasons I listed and many others, it seems that it is one of the hardest feat in football to win two straight Heismans.

Tebow might be the one to do it, but he has an uphill battle and has many factors besides other players and defenses going against him.


I say Tebow will not win the Heisman because he has won it before, and Pat White and Michael Crabtree seem to have an easier schedule and path to the Heisman.

I truly believe that the voting is based on who deserves it the most, not who is the best player and it is sad. Tebow will likely be the best player in college football, but he will not repeat as the Heisman trophy winner.


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