JOE STANNContributor IAugust 10, 2008

Okay, I have been reading articles on Bleacher Report for over a month now and just signed up yesterday. 

One thing I noticed a lot so far is the disturbed Jimson poll of 2007.  Now being the LSU fan that I am, I can't let some weirdo try to take a share of the Tigers Championship (Like the AP poll in '03). 

So with that in mind I have made the Jeaux Poll which in my mind will be the most unbiased poll on the entire planet.  So here we geaux.

P.S. It is Sunday and I am at work and feeling pretty lazy so for the preseason poll I will only do the top 10.

P.P.S Even if I were not lazy and did 25 Ohio State would not make my list because in my opinion they are a bunch of weaklings.

10. USC: They are probably better than No. 10, but since this is my poll and I am still very angry with the Trojans and the AP poll I am putting them here.

09. Georgia: I feel that they are getting way too much hype for winning a BCS game against Hawaii

08. Texas Tech: They have neat uniforms...I know that is not much to base their ranking on, but remember this is my poll.

07. Texas: They are here because they will beat Kansas by 30 this season

06. Auburn: Can't wait for Sept. 20 when LSU visits.

05. Oklahoma: Another year to win the Big 12 and lose a BCS bowl.

04. Missouri: I'm only ranking them this high so I can make them fall hard and fast later on in the season.

03. UL-Lafayette: Hustle up and Bustle up...What can I say? It's where I went to school.

02-Flo-rida: The rapper not the Gators. I'll change it to the gators whenever Teblow quits crying after a loss.

01. LSU-The only way the Tigers can lose this ranking is by losing to North Texas or Kansas. The latter will never happen due to the fact that the Jayhawks magical, Cinderella season is over and wont happen again for about 50 years.