Oscar De La Hoya: 40 Reasons Why Everyone Loves the Golden Boy

Teddy MazurekCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

Although I have been a member of Bleacher Report for less than a week, I have learned a great amount dealing with the sport of boxing. 

For instance, even on sports sites (not going to mention any in particular) boxing is treated as a second and even third rate sport.  The popularity that results from boxing articles is minimal and quite depressing.

However, it is becoming no secret that boxing articles which center around Oscar De La Hoya, always get a lot of attention.  Now by no means am I trying to lower the accomplishments of Nicholas Sowemimo, who wrote a fantastic article dealing with why a De La Hoya-Pacquiao fight should not happen. 

Any article that manages to get 6,845 reads is a work of art in my opinion.

Am I a bit jealous?  Honestly yes, but that is not the main reason why I chose to write an article that deals Oscar De La Hoya. 

What makes Oscar De La Hoya so popular? 

Yes he is a great boxer, but he cannot be compared to the top fighters currently in the sport.  He is past his prime and is on the verge of retiring in a year or two.

So once again, why do people love this man?  Why does he generate millions of fans and thousands of reads on sports sites? 

Here are 40 reasons why Oscar De La Hoya is so popular among boxing and non boxing fans.


1.  He is the “Golden Boy” of boxing.  People are associating boxing to Oscar De La Hoya instead of vice versa.


2.  Oscar is Hispanic/American, so he connects with both American and Mexican fight fans.


3.  He is eye candy for all the ladies who are forced to watch boxing by their boyfriends and husbands.


4.  Unlike many fighters who cannot do an interview to save their lives, Oscar has a great presence in front of the camera.  He is articulate and actually sounds intelligent.


5.  He has already shown people that he can make it as a business man in boxing, with the success of Golden Boy Promotions.


6.  Power, power, power.  In his 39 victories, he has won 30 by knockout and has stopped some of the best in the sport.


7.  While on his way to stardom, Oscar De La Hoya swept through six of boxing’s weight classes.


8.  Although he has lost five times, he has no embarrassing losses.  Losing to Felix Trinidad, Shane Mosley (twice), Bernard Hopkins, and Floyd Mayweather, all of whom are hall of fame boxers, is nothing to be ashamed of. 


9.  Oscar has defeated some of boxing’s best during his career.  He stopped top name fighters such as Julio Cesar Chavez (twice), Fernando Vargas, Arturo Gatti, Ricardo Mayorga, and Rafael Ruelas.  In addition, he won decisions over Pernell Whitaker, Hector Camacho, Ike Quartey, and Felix Strum. 


10.  He won a gold medal for the U.S. in the Barcelona Olympics.


11.  Ring Magazine named Oscar De La Hoya as the Fighter of the Year for 1995.


12.  He defeated an amazing 17 world champions in his career. 


13.  Oscar has dominated boxing by winning 10 world titles in six different weight classes.


14.  While he has a very remarkable professional record, his amateur record is even more impressive.  He went 223-5 with 163 KOs.


15.  He has made the most money in the history of boxing, which should result with Mayweather losing the nickname “money.”


16.  Oscar is the first Hispanic/American boxer to become a promoter while still fighting.


17.  Devoted family man.


18.  While many top fighters fight soft opposition for much of their careers, Oscar has not followed that path.  Never in his professional boxing career has De La Hoya fought an opponent with a losing record.


19.  Scored a huge upset over the favorite Rafael Ruelas in a second round TKO for the IBF lightweight title.


20.  Knocked out his childhood idol and Mexican hero Julio Cesar Chavez twice.


21.  At only 24-years-old, Oscar won a unanimous decision over then pound for pound king Pernell Whitaker.


22.  Oscar De La Hoya showed his heart, with his 12th round knock down of Ike Quartey which secured him a victory in what was a very close fight. 


23.  His fight against Felix Trinidad entitled, The Fight of the Millennium showcased two of the best fighters in the sport. 


24.  De La Hoya’s controversial loss to Felix Trinidad helped his popularity grow because many fight fans thought he got robbed and was the true winner of the fight.


25.  The combination of De La Hoya and trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. resembles the dynamic duo of Steve Young and Jerry Rice.


26.  Similar to his controversial loss to Trinidad, when Oscar De La Hoya lost a split decision to Mosley, fans once again sided with the Golden Boy. 


27.  Oscar beat his long time rival in impressive fashion, with an 11th round TKO of Fernando Vargas, who was soon discovered to have taken steroids for the fight.


28.  Oscar does not make excuses when he does something wrong.  For instance, he admitted that he was hurt by Bernard Hopkins’ perfectly placed left hook to the liver.   


29.  Before his fight with Ricardo Mayorga, Oscar acted like a gentleman by keeping his emotions in check even while Mayorga insulted his sexuality and his family.  Oscar got the last laugh with a TKO in round six.


30.  De La Hoya was portrayed as the good guy in his fight against Floyd Mayweather, AKA The World Awaits.  He also was the first opponent to beat Mayweather on a score card. 


31.  Fight fans were really able to get to know De La Hoya when HBO chose to create the four part series De La Hoya/Mayweather 24/7.


32.  While he was not able to knockout the durable Steve Forbes, De La Hoya sure was able to put on a boxing clinic for his fans. 


33.  Over his career Oscar has generated 11,665,000 PPV buys and $594.4 million.


34.  Although not as popular as The Contender, Oscar De La Hoya hosted the boxing reality television show The Next Great Champ


35.  Oscar is a partial owner of the Major League Soccer club the Houston Dynamo. 


36.  He has created a Grammy nominated CD and his own line of casual clothing.


37.  Oscar’s autobiography, American Son is now on sale in bookstores near you.


38.  He is the cover boy for EA Sports’ Fight Night Round 3.


39.  Oscar has a tendency to work his hardest in the last 30 seconds of each round which not only impress fans but the judges as well.


40.  Oscar De La Hoya is one of the reasons why boxing is slowly regaining its popularity in America.   






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