Brook Johnston Takes the Pole in Rio De Janeiro: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Maximo GarateCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

Racing through the streets of Brazil's famous beach city of Rio de Janeiro on Saturday for Round Eight of the Formula BMW International Championships, Brook Johnston showed complete ease and talent once again taking the pole position for Sunday's race.

Posting a lap time of 1:26.58, the American from Sauber Red Bull Racing took the top position on the grid battling a strong Cole Collier of Euronazionale Racing who posted second with a time of 1:26.77. The two drivers continue their duel from a grueling series in Europe where Johnston won two of the three races and Collier took the win at Monza.

Johnston's fatal crash at the Monza circuit has certainly shown no weakness, for the American driver has not let down a single bit.

Sauber Red Bull has shown off their talents in Johnston and teammate Matt Jaskel throughout the week here in Rio de Janeiro by doing several Red Bull energy events: posting a Red Bull energy center on the main beach, public displays, and a Red Bull Club Zet Dance which will happen Sunday night after the race.

Sauber Red Bull Racing certainly seems to be doing the series some good and continues to be the crowd favorite due to the success, talent, and events they put on for the public.

"We are just trying to get the International series introduced. We have some of the best two drivers in open wheel racing here and we certainly want to convey that to the world," said Sauber Red Bull manager Mark Spire on Saturday.

Italy's Alain Sciuto had an excellent run as well on Saturday grabbing a third place starting position on the grid followed by Sauber Red Bull's Matt Jaskel in fourth.

It has certainly become a battle between Sauber Red Bull and Euronazionale in the season's championship thus far. Both teams have continued to show their strengths and their drivers have most definitely shown some brawn.

Cole Collier has just recently announced that he will be competing for another season with Euronazionale and has declined other offers in order to win a Formula BMW International championship.

With Sauber Red Bull's Brook Johnston out of the way, that could very well be possible for the young Canadian who has accumulated 43 points thus far this season. Johnston, however, will be testing this following week in Valencia, Spain with Formula One's Torro Rosso program.

Little has been said as to whether he will be a lead driver or a test driver for the 2009 season. It seems Buemi and Senna have taken the eye of Torro Rosso officials as well, and there could be a strong possibility that Johnston may take the test driver position if offered.

However, with his strong talents and ability, there is still no doubt of him filling the shoes of Sebastian Vettel. Race coverage starts Sunday at 12:00 PM here in Rio de Janeiro where Round Eight of the Formula BMW International Championships will take place.