Top 10 Black Wrestlers To Have Wrestled In The WWE

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Top 10 Black Wrestlers To Have Wrestled In The WWE

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    The Following list showcases some of the greatest African American Wrestlers to ever set foot in a WWE Ring since the early WWWF days.

    I decided to go with just 10 superstars who I feel changed the way Black Wrestlers were portrayed in the industry. Obviously there are a handful of other superstars who could have been included in this list, so please comment and give your opinion n the matter.

    Thanks for Reading and Enjoy.

Honorable Mentions

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    Kofi Kingston

    D-Von Dudley


    S.D Jones




    King Mabel

    Shelton Benjamin

    Ahmed Johnson

D-Lo Brown

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    What can be said about D-Lo Brown, He was arguably one of the most charismatic and athletic wrestlers in the roster at the time. This allowed Brown to excel to the top of the mountain as he won several titles and accomplishments during his time in the WWE.

    D-Lo was seen as the High-Flyer of the WWE Stable the Nation Of Domination, his aerial abilities and maneuvers such as the Frog Splash and Leg Drop were something of pure brilliance and perfection. Although he was never really considered as a Main Eventer he made it his duty to dominate the Mid Card throught out his tenure.

    He became the first black wrestler to hold the IC and the European Championship at the same. He is regarded by many as one of the greatest European Champions in the history of the WWE. Brown recently made his return to the WWE last 2years ago when he squared of against Santino in a singles action, although it was great seen the big man back his persona changed and he was not the young energetic Brown that we all loved one time or another.


    WWE European Champion: 4 Times

    WWE IC Champion: 1 Time

Tony Atlas

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    Tony Atlas was a huge inspiration to many Black wrestlers today, as he paved the way for all races to make it in the business. 

    He is a former 3 Time Mr. USA Champion, hence the nickname Mr. USA. Atlas and Johnson became the first ever Afro American Tag Team Champions in the WWE when they defeated the Wild Samoans in 1977.

Rocky Johnson

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    Like Atlas, Johnson was the first Afro American Tag Team Champion in the WWE. Although Johnson never really have a great singles career he is noted for being one of the world of Wrestling greatest trainers.

    Johnson is the father of WWE ICON The Rock.

Junkyard Dog

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    The late great Junkyard Dog was one of the most purest and unorthodox wrestlers in modern time. During the 80's he was regarded as one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE. He had great chemistry with crowd and always knew how to hype up an event.

    JYD was noted for his incredible strength as well as his brutish nature. He was able to body slam wrestlers such as Kamala, One Man Gang and King Kong Bundy with great ease and perfection.

Koko B. Ware

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    KOKO was a really great high flying, charismatic and energetic wrestler to have wrestled in the WWE. He was inducted into the WWE HOF in 2009 by good friend the Honky Tonk Man. He was most recognized as the wrestler who would carry his pet Macaw to the ring so that it could watch him wrestle as well as give the audience a right old laugh.

Mark Henry

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    I No some of you maybe surprised as to why Henry made it onto this list well hopefully this will make you understand.

    Mark Henry has been with the company since 1997, in this time he has played Jobber and Mid Card performer for the most part of his career, although he has never really been given the right opportunity to make it to the top he definitely showed the world how really he can be when he won the ECW Championship.

    However been the size that he is often has its disadvantages, Mark is noted for putting both Benoit and Batista on the Injury list in real life as his power was to much for them to handle. Therefore it limits his true potential as a wrestler in the company. He showed some glimpses of his true self when he teamed up with MVP to take on Jerishow however it never really capture the audiences attention.

    his most memorable times has to be with The Nation and D-Lo, a time which showed his true character and the endless possibility he could have as a Main Eventer should the opportunity come knocking.

    He has also won the European Championship.

Bobo Brazil

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    BOBO Brazil is the most influential and respected Black wrestlers in the business, he was inducted into the HOF in the 90's for his time and contribution to the sport. He is noted for being the first Black Wrestler to have held a World Championship in North American or any promotion. 

Ron Simmons

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    Farooq is the first African American to ever hold the WCW Championship and the second in history to ever become a Heavyweight Champion.

    A Footballing icon, allowed Ron to easily make the switch into Professional wrestling as he had all the necessary requirements to make it to the top. He is a former 3 WWE Tag Team champion and is responsible for creating one of the most powerful stables in the history of the sport, The Nation Of Domination.

    His feud with Ahmed Johnson was a huge turning point in Black wrestling as it allowed them to capture the audiences attention and imagination. He regarded as one of the most toughest and strongest wrestlers in the game today and he is definitely shoe in as a future HOF.

Booker T

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    Booker T or King Booker as he was once known is perhaps the most decorated Black Wrester in the history of Wrestling. He has won nearly every single title and still holds the record as the most successful WCW Tag team champion along with elder brother Stevie Ray.

    He is a former 5 time WCW Champion and 1 time World Champion, 2006 KOTR Champion, IC, US and Tag champion. Booker T was very agile and tough when it came to wrestling, he was able to perform aerial assaults as well as ground base attacks making him the perfect all rounded wrestler. 

The Rock

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    It is no doubt or questions as to why The Rock is considered the greatest Black Wrestler ever in the WWE. He was a huge star in the late 90's early 00's. He was instrumental to the success of the WWE during the Monday Night Wars, he along with Mick Foley use to garner some of the highest rated segments in RAW and Smackdown history.

    With a wide following The Rock has electrified audiences all over the world, he is a former 9 Time World Champion, Royal Rumble Winner, IC and Tag Team Champion. In 2000 he and HHH has one of the greatest feuds in the History of the sport, it changed wrestling for ever as it brought in a whole range of different audiences and crowds. 

    The Rock was and still is the greatest man to ever hold a Microphone to his mouth. His catch phrases and taunts are still used today in movies, wrestling and in schools world wide. My Only hope is that The Rock will eventually get inducted into the WWE HOF as he is one of those Legends that although gone for now he will never be forgotten.