Why Brett Favre Will Succeed with the New York Jets

Jason WardCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2008

Ever since the New York Jets signed Brett Favre, numerous articles have been written that are predicting that the Jets will not be much better off with Favre at the helm.

Brett Favre will absolutely succeed with the Jets.

Favre is coming off one of his best years in the NFL, complete with an appearance in the NFC Championship Game. The man has played professional football for 17 years. Although the Jets' playbook may be complicated, Brett Favre is a brilliant quarterback who will own that playbook in no time.

Additionally, he has a former Packer teammate, Bubba Franks, playing with the Jets. This will help him immensely in the Packers/Jets play translations. Besides, no quarterback in the league is better at improvisation on the field. If anyone can pull out a positive result out of a busted play, it is this man.

Hiccups are sure to occur in the first few games, but Favre has the unteachable ability to overcome this. Physically, he is still in great shape and showed he hasn't lost anything during his first practice at Hofstra University on Saturday.

The Jets, despite their 4-12 record last year, are not that bad. Management has done an excellent job this offseason of obtaining players to fill weak spots in their roster.

Defensively, they are solid and played very well the second half of the season. The Jets' special teams are among the best in the NFL, and they are consistently one of the least penalized teams year after year.

However, quarterback play has always been their Achilles' heel. Chad Pennington's lack of range made him an easy target for defenses, especially late in games. The Jets have been inherently bad at overcoming small deficits late in games and piling on leads to put the game out of reach.

Brett Favre is the perfect quarterback for the Jets' ills. I can't think of another quarterback I'd rather have leading my squad when I am down a touchdown in the fourth quarter. His ability in this regard will translate into at least three wins for the Jets in the 2008 season.

The Jets seem to make the playoffs every other year, but they have been lacking pieces to advance them in those playoffs. Many holes were plugged before last Wednesday, but Brett Favre is the biggest and most critical piece in the Jets' puzzle.

Super Bowl? Who knows, probably not—the AFC is a strong conference. However, the Jets are, at least on paper, head and shoulders better than most teams in the conference and the 2007 Jets team. 

For me, the 2008 Jets are beyond playoff hopefuls. I expect this team to be playing in January, hopefully at the Meadowlands.