Results of Last Season has Crimson Tide Fans Wondering, Is Saban the Right Guy?

Dustin ArmstrongCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2008

Last season may have seemed to be a little less than what Alabama fans had expected. Upon the news of Nick Saban being hired, nearly all Alabama fans thought their savior had come. As soon as Saban was in the Tide's spotlight, he hit the floor running. Practices went well, Saban talked highly of his team, players were excited, and most of all the Alabama fans could not wait to brag about their new coach and improved team. Some even claimed that this was the year that Auburn would finally fail in their impressive streak against Alabama. That dream was short lived and Alabamadropped its sixth straight matchup with Auburn. What happened to the Tide? I've heard over and over that it was Nick Saban's fault. I've also heard people say that the money paid to Saban was "ridiculous" and "stupid." Should Alabama have signed a 7 win coach to a $32 million dollar deal?

A couple of points to look at are the money that Alabama has and the players he had to work with. If other schools (schools with no coach and in need for one immediately) have the kind of money that Alabama has they would offer a coach of that caliber a large figure too. After all, what will it change? What will it hurt? The answer is nothing. The other point is the team. The team that Saban had to work with was not recruited by him. Every player on the Alabama roster was recruited by Mike Shula's staff, which we all know was not particularly known for recruiting. Also, none of the Crimson Tide players from last season were drafted in the NFL Draft. I know for fact that DJ Hall and Wallace Gilberry signed free agent deals with the New York Giants, but were never drafted. So how could it all be his fault last season if he had no choice but to work with what he had? In his first season of recruiting for Alabama, he reeled in one of the top three recruiting classes in the nation. It can be argued that it is the best class ever to commit to Alabama. With the addition of a blue chip wide receiver in Julio Jones and an outstanding quarter back from Florida named Star Jackson, the Tide looks like it will be back to prestige in the near future. Don't get me wrong, I do not thinkevery thing Nick Saban did was faultless. He does deserve some blame. Granted, he did make a majority of the calls every game and he did not prepare his team very well for the Louisiana-Monroe game, which should have been an extremely easy win, and caused indefinable embarrassment for the team, school, and fans. Think what you want, but I think Saban deserves to be given at least three years before we judge him and in my eyes Saban is the right guy.

Roll Tide,

Dustin Armstrong