The Right KC Chiefs 2008 Outlook

Chad HoganCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2008

Most people can't seem to see past the 2007 Chiefs season. I'll give you a few reasons why the Chiefs will be a surprise team in this 2008 season.


O-LINE: Last year the Chiefs had no o-line except for LG Brian Waters. Will Svitek played LT(Croyle's blind side) last year and did terrible(understatement). Casey Wiegmann used to be good back in 05' and was OK in 06' but in 07' he just plain got old. Now the Chiefs drafted one of the best o-linemen in the draft in Branden Albert to play LT the biggest weak spot on the Chiefs o-line last year. A new face in Rudy Niswanger will see action in the center position. He's tall for a center but uses that to his advantage a great improvement from Casey Wiegmann. The Chiefs o-line is improved right there and proved my point in the Chiefs vs Bears pre-season game(Albert didn't even play).


Brodie Croyle: People look past the fact that Croyle never took a snap with LJ in the backfield last season. With only 2 weapons last year in Tony Gonzalez and Dwayne Bowe and no LJ its alot harder for a QB to show his stuff, especially with his blind side usually unprotected. He looked pretty good in the Chiefs vs Bears pre-season game this year against the great Bears D. He has the confidence now that he is named the starter instead of fighting Huard for the starting position.


Dwayne Bowe: This year he will have LJ for other teams to worry about along with Tony. With a improved O-line and his QB's blind side protected he will get more passes now that his QB isn't in the dirt half the time. Bowe has also lived with Croyle during training camp and has formed a bond with his young QB. Look for Bowe to have a even better year this season.


DEFENSE: Last year the Chiefs D could not stop the run. Luckily Glenn Dorsey fell to the Chiefs at the 5th overall pick in the draft. Dorsey will help anchor the Chief D-line to stop the run. Dorsey didn't play in the Chiefs vs Bears game because of a sprained knee but he is expected to play in the next pre-season game vs the Cardinals. Look for Dorsey to have a great year and possible take the title rookie of the year. Last year the Chiefs were 5th over all against the pass. With the addition of Brandon Flowers at the top CB position look for the Chiefs secondary to improve if Flowers lives up to his hype. He will be better then Ty Law, the number one CB last season. Ty Law last season gave up alot of big plays and just like Casey Wiegmann he just plain got old. Don't base what you saw from the Chiefs D on the pre-season game vs the Bears because vet Donnie Edwards and run stopping rookie Glen Dorsey had minor injury's and did not play. Look for the Chiefs D to be a top 10 defense this season.


Chan Gailey: The new offensive coordinator, probably the biggest addition to the Chiefs. Last year Mike Solari was the offensive coordinator and did a horrible job. He would run on 1st and 2nd down about 60-70% of the time with the worst O-line in football and in the second half of the season no LJ. Solari would also run the ball on 3rd and very long many times as well. Chan has came in here and made it very simple for the young players and focuses on the players ability's. Another thing the QB's couldn't do last year but can do this year because of Chan is audibles. If Croyle sees the play they are about to run isn't going to work he can change that.


Larry Johnson: Last but certainly not least LJ. This year Larry will have an upgraded O-line to set up blocks for him and he is 100% healthy. He also has rookie Jamaal Charles and one year pro Kolby Smith to share runs. This way the Chiefs will have fresh legs in the 4th quarter and a talented stocked backfield.


If the Chiefs can stay away from the injury bug and key rookies aren't busts then look for the Chiefs to be a surprise team this season.


Thanks for reading