Winnipeg Blue Bombers Go 1-6 after Loss to Montreal Alouettes

Chris Allen@@ChrisATheTruthSenior Analyst IAugust 9, 2008


As the janitors pick up the last few popcorn boxes and hang up the brooms and mops, the parking lot of Canad Inns Stadium empties. Another day in Winnipeg has come to an end.


As we fans of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers set our alarm clocks for the morning and shut off the lamp on the bedside table, we must go to bed disappointed once again.


This week at Canad Inns Stadium the Bombers had what many would call a “must win game.” However, in their current state, it seems every game is a must win game for the Bombers. And they were up against the Montreal Alouettes, a team looking to fly into first place. No pun intended.


So folks, it was time for another edition of Wendy's Friday Night Football on TSN, and wow, what a start. The first quarter was definitely a sleeper, and I'm sure many fans had to be woken up after the first 15 minutes.


The only scoring was a 33-yard field goal by Montreal Alouettes K Damon Duval on the opening drive of the game. For the remaining 10 minutes and eight seconds, there was no scoring.


So, after everyone was woken up, the second quarter began. The first play was another Damon Duval field goal, this time from 42 yards out, making the score 6-0 for the Montreal Alouettes.


And, to make matters worse, Dinwiddie would go three-and-out on the next drive, and Montreal Alouettes QB Anthony Calvillo would capitalize on the turnover, throwing a 54-yard pass to Kerry Carter. This put the Montreal Alouettes on the one-yard line, and after one incomplete pass, Adrian McPherson ran in the one-yard score, making the score 13-0 for Montreal.


The Winnipeg Blue Bombers would get a single point in the half, however, and in a quite comical event that made me laugh, the fans in Canad Inns Stadium sarcastically applauded their single point. Before the half, Damon Duval would connect again, making the score 16-1 for the Als at the half.


Winnipeg would, however, come out strong in the second half, scoring their only field goal of the game thanks to Alexis Serna. In a horrific event, Serna connected on only one of his four attempts on Friday night, missing from the 49, 40, and 49 yard attempts throughout the game.


The Alouettes matched their field goal on the next drive, however, making the score 19-4.


After Winnipeg’s third missed field goal of the night, Anthony Calvillo would move the ball down the field with a combination of running and passing 74 yards before throwing a 29-yard pass to Brian Bratton for the touchdown. The score was 26-4 for the Bombers going into the fourth quarter, and folks, this game was definitely over.


After the kickoff from the Als' touchdown, Ryan Dinwiddie threw an incompletion on first down before throwing an interception on second down. Doug Berry had had enough, and sent Kevin Glenn out on Winnipeg’s next drive. Damon Duval connected on yet another field goal before Kevin Glenn made his way onto the field, however.


Then, Kevin Glenn gave Doug Berry and his offensive staff something to think about. He showed us all that he badly wants his starting job back, as Kevin Glenn moved the ball 73 yards down the field with some help from Charles Roberts before throwing a seven-yard TD pass to Derrick Armstrong.


Damon Duval then connected on his sixth field goal of the game, a career best for him, making the score 36-11 with just over two minutes left in the game. Then, after a third down in completion for Kevin Glenn, the Montreal Alouettes charged up the field for another touchdown. The game ended with a score of 39-11.


So, as the clock struck 0:00, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers went 1-6 and the Montreal Alouettes took the lead in their division thanks to a Toronto loss from the Hamilton Tigercats.


And Winnipeg fans will have more to talk about in the office on Monday, including K Alexis Serna kicking one of his four field goal attempts in, and who they think should start on Aug. 14 against the Hamilton Tigercats.



Player of the Game


My player of the game award for this week goes to Damon Duval. Not only did he have a career-high six field goals in the game, but he also had a career-long 52-yard field goal in the second quarter. Congratulations to Damon Duval on a game to remember.


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