Playing The Wrestling Blame Game: Putting The Blame On The Many Wrestling Deaths

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Playing The Wrestling Blame Game: Putting The Blame On The Many Wrestling Deaths

With the recent deaths of Lance Cade, Luna Vachon and Giant Gonzalez I have been seriously considering who to blame for the general deaths of pro-wrestlers. I came to the conclusion that no one group or person can fully take all the blame for the deaths of wrestlers over the years.

It's common sense to know that there are contributing factors in play when it come to wrestlers dying and the blame can shift due to the circumstances of one wrestler death. In one case one the blame can be easily be place on one person or promotion while in other cases it can difficult to pin the blame on anyone.

So before I begin I must do the all necessary disclaimer for this particular article. I will be talking groups and some individuals who are to blame but will NOT be saying who to blame the most and will leave that up to you my dear readers.

Sometimes no one is to blame

Not all wrestling deaths are shrouded with controversy and drugs are not always involved. Wrestlers can die due to old age like Classy Freddie Blassie who died with heart failure at 85 and the Fabulous Moolah 84 from surgical complications. Sometimes they die from diseases that have no relation to wrestling like with Gorilla Monsoon who died due to complications with diabetes.

Dr. Death Steve Williams and John Tenta aka earthquake both died due to cancer. The Junk Yard Dog died falling asleep on the wheel resulting in his death.

The point is not all wrestlers die in the ways we are used too and the fact is we all gotta die one day.

The Wrestler Themselves

Now we all know wrestlers are portrayed as larger then life figures who seem invincible but in reality they are human and like due to that human quality they make mistakes like any other person. Unfortunately sometimes those mistakes lead to their deaths.

Take Eddie Guerrero for exampled who   had battled drug and alcohol addictions in his life but he was successful in becoming clean in the later years of his life to become an exceptional role modal for everyone. Sadly all the drug and alcohol caught up with him resulting in his death. If Guerrero would still be alive today if he had lead a drug/alcohol free life style.

As we know many wrestlers don't die being clean like Guerrero did. The beautiful Miss Elizabeth died of an drug overdoes specifically a combination of alcohol and painkillers. She was only 42 when she died.

Wrestlers have the responsibility to take care of their well being but instead they make unhealthy choices which lead to their deaths.

Promoters And Their Promotions

The WWE, TNA, ROH and the many independent promotions could have prevented  many of the deaths and tragedies that take place in the wrestling community.  Also people like Vince McMahon, Dixie Carter, Dixie Lee Carter-Salinas, Paul Heyman, Bischoff and many others failed to take the appropriate measures  to protect their wrestlers and prevent deaths.

Remember that chair shots to the head were a common occurrence until 2007 when it came to light that that years of trauma to Chris Benoit's brain may have led to his actions in the doable murder suicide. Since that incident the WWE has tremendously reduced the risk of concussions and outright banned chair shot to the head. It's sad that it took a devastating tragedy for them to change there ways.

TNA on the other hand still permits chair shots to the head....unproductive chair shots to the head. They also all excessive blading to have there wrestlers lose tons of blood while the WWE ban that as well.  TNA basically has an half-assed Wellness Policy as in January of 2009, 43 percentage of the roster is on drugs.

Other wrestling promotions either have a very weak and nonexistent Wellness Policy or have none at all.

Wrestlers of the '80s where on steroids and Promoters wanted their wrestlers big so hence wrestlers felt pressured to compete against wrestlers who are large in order to move and/or move up to the main event. Also Promoters rarely give their wrestlers a break and many of them are wrestling 300 events of the year and also are on the road when they are not wrestling. In order to deal with all that wear and tear wrestlers must resort to painkillers which they get addicted and end up dead due to that addiction.

Promoters basically really do nothing about painkiller addictions and the WWE is really the only promotion that is attempting to change their ways.

The Fans

You must be flabbergasted by the fact that I'm placing the blame on us, the faithful wrestling fans. We the wrestling fans are enablers! Think about it as in the 80's we admired the biggest wrestlers so our childhood hero's turn to steroids to please us and to make it to the main event as the more the fans love them the more likely they will be in the main event scene!

Wrestlers go out to the ring and bang their bodies up 300 hundred times a year. In order please the masses of fans they take painkillers so they can continue to perform at their best for us even if it drives them to their deaths.

You see we get so caught up in cheering our favorite faces and booing the vilest of heels, we forget that we push them to the braking point and sometimes even to death.

The Media

The media made steroids the drug that kills all wrestlers and demonized the WWE to the point where the media pins the blame on the WWE, even it the death of a young wrestler is natural. The media is a vicious machine that is consistently spewing misconceptions about wrestling whether it for political reasons or just to have a good news story.  

When the Media goes on a crusade against wrestling they distract the public from the real issues of the WWE. No health insurance for wrestlers, no unions, painkillers and other drug kill wrestlers just just steroids.

If the media was neutral and report the facts and just provide awareness that can help different promotions improve their ways of helping wrestlers thus reducing the death count. Sadly the Media rarely aid in the solution but aids in the problems.


You all may not agree on my reasons on placing the blame on the respective parties so I encourage you to state your opinions in the comment section as the issue of wrestling death will be around in the coming decades and the parties at fault should all strive to prevent more wrestlers from becoming another statistic to the ever growing list of dead wrestlers! 


Note to the readers: For those who regularly follow my articles here on the B/R I would like to apologized for my decreased supply of articles as I'm attending college which takes up a lot of my free time with assessments and tests.

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