Why I Love College Football, in a Few Short Sentences

Gustavo DestroSenior Analyst IAugust 9, 2008

Ah, the summertime. Sunshine, no school, baseball.

Who am I kidding? Give me some college football.

Don't even ask me how many days are left until it starts. I stopped counting for fear my head was going to explode. "Why the rush?" You ask. Well, let me tell you.

I love college football. As a team, I love the Red Sox more, but as a sport nothing can beat college football.

I love that you are sure Team A will win in a landslide. Why even bother to watch, right? Wrong. Next thing you know, Team B pulls off a two-overtime upset and you spend the next week saying, "Should've watched that."

I love waking up on Saturday morning (on the West coast), turning on the TV, and watching two teams play their hearts out. In August.

I love the sound of 100,000 fans screaming at the top of their lungs during 3rd-and-2. Even if it's through the TV.

I love hearing "The Buckeye Battle Cry," "Fight On," "Boomer Sooner," "War Eagle," and every other fight song after a team scores a touchdown.

I love seeing Beanie run, Harvin catch, Maualuga tackle, and Crabtree return.

I love fourth down gambles.

I love seeing the kicker nail the game-winning field goal. Twice.

I love that every game matters.

I love the Pac-10. And the Big Ten, the SEC, the Big 12, and all the other conferences.

I love that the BCS is so flawed. It keeps it interesting.

I love College Gameday.

I love having my friends over and cheering on our favourite team. Or whatever other team we decide to cheer for.

I love circus catches, broken tackles, and jukes. But I love interceptions, bone-jarring tackles, and sacks even more.

I love when a referee makes the wrong decision, just to be shown on the JumboTron making the wrong call and then he is mercilessly booed by the home crowd.

I love the Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, the Big Game, the Red River Showdown, and the Iron Bowl. But most especially the Army-Navy game.

I love the Commander in Chief's Trophy, the Victory Bell, the Egg Bowl, the Stanford Axe.

I really love the Spread Offense.

I love seeing 20-year-olds put under great pressure and succeed.

I love the Heisman Trophy and all the history that follows it.

I love seeing massive upsets.

I love when the crowd storms the field after said upsets.

I love BCS busters.

I love that "The games you remember, you play in November."

I love hearing the local broadcasters call a touchdown.

I love the bowl games.

I love New Year's Day.

I love the title game. No matter who plays in it.

I love that every new season brings new possibilities, new upsets, new favorites, new underdogs, and a different experience altogether.

I love college football.