Summer Olympics: More than Just Games

Taylor GramAnalyst IAugust 9, 2008

As I watched the opening ceremonies of this years Olympics I thought about all the political conflict surrounding the games. The controversy of the Chinese government, and the relationship with it's people.

It was really hard to enjoy all the festivities when in the back of my mind I was thinking about all the money the Chinese spent preparing for this, and that that money could be used to help the poverty in their country.

I realized that whenever the Olympics come around it's always more than just the sports and competitions.

It's about politics, people and the athletes that compete for their country. It's about the countries that have never won a medal in it's Olympic history, but still display pride and honor toward their country, during what might and probably will be their only shining moment, the Walk of Nations.

The Olympics are about the U.S and Soviet Union and their fierce rivalry during the Cold War. Both countries sought out the glory of beating each other because they would be considered heroes back home for destroying the enemy.

The Olympics are better than competing in the NFL, NBA, or MLB, because instead of competing against thirty teams formed by rich owners and run by money, athletes come together as a Nation and compete together against the world.

The Olympics are where John Carlos, and Tommie Smith proudly bowed their heads and held up their fists in protest to prejudice in the U.S while on the podium during the National Anthem, and were later punished for their heroic actions and told to leave the Olympic village.

Those two men took the Olympic games and used them to tell the world how they felt. That they were nothing but human like everyone else.

The Olympics are a chance for someone to represent their country, and do so by not having to carry a gun. A chance for bragging rights to be made, and rivalries to begin. A place where over 200 countries come together, and take place in something bigger than themselves.