BREAKING NEWS: What Mick Foley ISN'T Telling WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

Tim ListAnalyst IAugust 9, 2008

As www.wrestlingnewsdesk.comexclusively reported on August 5th, Mick Foley's contract expiration with World Wrestling Entertainment appears to us to be only a formality in regards to his joining TNA Wrestling. While many are not reporting on the negotiations because it is very difficult to get confirmation regarding them, here is what we can report at this hour:

Mick Foley is leaving World Wrestling Entertainment. This much is already a given, considering Foley's public statement to a Long Island publication today.
The reason for Foley's decision to leave is a direct result of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon berating him on the headsets during Foley's tenure as color commentator on Smackdown. McMahon is notoriously vicious on the headsets in the way he deals with commentators. These are the "creative differences" Foley was citing in his comment to the Long Island publication.
Foley or an intermediary has already established contact with TNA Wrestling, and as soon as Foley's WWE contact expires, expect the deal to fall into place legally and officially.
IN THE BIGGEST NEWS THAT YOU WON'T READ ANYWHERE ELSE, Foley is going to return to the ring for TNA Wrestling on a limited basis. This is a big part of Foley's plan. While he has not made this public knowledge, and has to be careful about everything while still under WWE contract, Foley plans on wrestling for TNA because he legitimately believes he is going to help the organization in a big way by doing so.
On August 5th, we reported At this stage, whether conversations with TNA have commenced or whether the two sides are waiting for the contract to run out appears to be a formality. Don't be surprised by a Foley return to the ring in order to do anything to help get TNA more fans watching their product.
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