The WWE Titles: Why the Price Of Gold Is Going Down!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 10, 2010

In the WWE there are very few PPV’s that really get my blood pumped anymore. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that the WWE has gotten a little lazy over the last few years. How else can you explain PPV’s such as Money in the Bank, Fatal four way, Hell in the Cell, and any other PPV named after a gimmick match.

I did however always get pumped up for Night of Champions. That was until this year though. I just couldn’t figure out why I have no desire to even watch the show this year. On paper the matches themselves seem decent enough.

I also think that there are plenty of talented wrestlers that can surly put on some great matches. So there I was scratching my head trying to get myself stoked for the show. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

The reasons I can’t get stoked for the show are the titles themselves. It just seems to me that none of the belts hold any merit what so ever. I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but they really don’t. Let’s look at the history of all the titles over the last year.

I dare you to prove me wrong.

The Heavyweight title and WWE title

Over the last year this belt has changed hands nine times. That is an insane amount of times to swap a heavy weight belt. If you do the math that would make each run with this title a little over a month if you average it out.


Throw in the fact that John Cena was either the Champion or wrestling for the title. Well I don’t think I have to explain what the problem with that is. I know in this day in age long title runs are almost nonexistent, but come on people; nine times in one year!

Oh, In-case anyone is wondering the longest run last year was Randy Orton’s run with the belt. He held the title a whopping 3 months before losing it. As far as the Heavyweight title is concerned. This picture is as almost as grim as the WWE title.

This belt has changed hands on eight different occasions. Most of these runs were less than memorable to say the least. Does anyone even remember Jack Swaggers big run with the belt. I have almost already forgotten about his run with the belt.

The only real solid run with this title was when the Undertaker held it over four months. Other than that this belt was flopped around like a dead fish on a boat. So between both heavyweight belts we saw it change hands on 17 different occasions.


The U.S Title and IC title

This picture is a less bit grim than the heavyweight belts. They both had some decent moments, but not enough to say these belts mean a whole lot. The U.S title is a proud belt that traces its roots all the way back to 1975. I still feel this title has some juice, the keyword being some.


Over the last year it has changed hands six times. Five if you don’t want to include Bret Harts might run with the belt. The problem isn’t with the numbers as far is this title goes. The problem with this belt is that it was hardly defended enough to matter.

A championship belt is only as good as its defender. There have been countless times that we would see the U.S title not defended on TV and at PPVs. Still, it does hold some measure of importance, just not enough to justify me shelling out 40 bucks to watch the show.

As a big fan of the IC title, it pains me to watch what has happened to this once glorious belt. With such great holders of this belt like Randy Savage, Hart, Perfect, Steamboat, and others, you can’t help but be proud of it. That was then and this is now.

Over the last fifteen to twenty years the IC title has been nothing more than belt to hold your pants up with. Sure we would get the occasional good run with the belt. Who can forget that great feud with Jericho and Mysterio?

Other than that this belt has hardly been all that great. Whether it was Drew, Morrison, or Koffi Kingston, the IC title really didn’t do much for any of these men who held it over the last year. Like the U.S title, it has had its rare moments to shine, but not nearly enough to call it prestiges.

The WWE tag team titles


Just hearing the name alone should be enough to sum up the ugliness of these belts. To be fair; in the beginning of the year these belts looked to have some promise. Jericho & Big Show and DX seemed to have put some life in the belts at that time.

Once they left their waist’s though the belts dropped steam quick. They were never defended on a regular basis, whether it was on PPV or TV. When they were defended, it was usually against some make shift tag teams that they would throw together at the last minute.

It’s hard for these titles to hold any meaning when you don’t have real tag teams fighting for them. As it stands now the WWE has the Dude Busters, Vance & Archer, and the Usos. Yet we hardly ever see them on TV.

There is hope for these belts. It is just a matter of Vince caring enough to make us care about them. Sadly I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Vince has made it very clear in the past on his feelings of tag team wrestling.


The Diva’s title and WWE Women’s title

I will be honest in saying that I feel like I’m even wasting my time writing about these belts. The Women’s title has been irrelevant for years now. The last time these belts meant anything Trish Stratus was wrestling with the company.


That’s not to say that we haven’t had some decent women’s grapplers since then. We have had a few worth mentioning. The problem isn’t as much with the talent, but the way the belt has been treated.

I have lost count as to how many times it has changed hands. The belt is hardly ever defended on major PPV, and that just shows you how much the WWE care about it. They tried to put more heat into to the division when they made the Diva’s title.

All this did was water down an already watered down ladies division. The WWE realized this, and that is why we are having the belts unified at NOC. I don’t think it will matter one way or the other if they unify the belts.

Until the WWE decides to treat these ladies with a little more respect. I find it hard to believe anyone will ever care about women’s wrestling in the WWE. The knock isn’t on the women, but on the company they represent.

Well that about sums it up folks. Like I said before prove me wrong. Did I miss anything in my little rant? If I did please tell me what, believe it or not I want to care. I just haven’t been provided a reason to do so. I think in your heart of hearts you also feel the same way.

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