Bold Predictions for the SEC in 2008

Jonathan HunleyCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2008

2008 should prove to be another exciting year in the world of SEC football. There are two teams—Florida and Georgia—that are national championship contenders. Three other teams that BCS bowl-game contenders—Tennessee, LSU, and Auburn.

Any five of these teams could end up playing for that crystal football next January. Then you have the sleepers in S. Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, and Ole Miss. These four teams could make some noise this season and even surprise some people.

In the end, I believe that we will crown another SEC school as the national champion. And whom I pick will come as no surprise, the Georgia Bulldogs. As much as it pains me to make such a prediction (as you know, I am a diehard Tennessee Vols fan), I just believe that this is their year.

But they won't do it with an undefeated record. There will be a three-way tie for first in the SEC East (Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia) after all three teams beat one another. Georgia will win the tiebreaker, and go on to face LSU in the SEC Championship game.

Georgia will then face Ohio State in the national championship game, where Ohio State will be embarrassed...again. That will make my day.

Other Predictions for the SEC:

Tennessee will go BCS bowling again when they are invited to the Sugar Bowl.

Florida's Tim Tebow will win the Heisman again and then announce he's coming back to win one more.

The SEC will send 10 schools to bowl games, going 8-2 in the bowl season.

Steve Spurrier will have another mediocre season in Columbia and will retire once again.


2008 it is shaping up to be another great season, and we're less than a month away. I can't wait.