Winnipeg Blue Bombers: What To Do With a 1-6 Team

Conor ChandlerCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2008

As we all know, a season of great expectation for the Bombers has so far been disappointing. Many predicted the club to be the East Division Grey Cup finalist, but at the pace the team is at, it looks like the Bombers will be the worst team in the entire league when all is said and done.

With all that said, questions now arise for the Blue Bombers. Will Berry be able to finish the season without being canned? Will a new QB be brought in? Will the Bombers have any, and I mean ANY chance of making the post-season? This article will answer 5 questions about the Blue Bombers that you might be clamouring to know the answer to.


#1: What went wrong?

Answer: No single unit has been solid all season, but perhaps the worst units have been the Rushing Game and the Secondary. But why criticize the secondary, a unit which has had 12 interceptions over 7 games? While the secondary looks decent on paper, it has given up way too many big plays to be effective as a whole. As for the offensive weak link, look no further than Charles Roberts and the rushing game. Roberts sits in 5th place with 324 rushing yards (49 more than Calgary QB Henry Burris), and has gained 4.3 yards per carry, far off his career average of 5.4 yards per carry. Just as important, he has not been effective in getting the ball to the endzone with only 2 TDs in these first 7 games. Although injuries to the O-Line may have hurt the rushing game, if Charlie can't run, it hurts the passing game, and the entire offense can't function well.


#2: Should Winnipeg trade for an experienced QB, such as Michael Bishop?

Answer: Absolutely not. Despite the quarterbacking woes this season, there are too many other gaps needing to be filled on the team for the Bombers to go after a big-name QB right now. The Argonauts would likely demand at least one decent starter in return for Bishop not to mention draft picks/young talent on the bench. It would not be good for the Bombers to sell the farm in return for any marquee player, even a QB.


#3: If another QB isn't being brought in, who should start at QB?

Answer: Kevin Glenn. He was the East Division MVP last year and doesn't deserve to ride the pine the entire season. He will come along eventually as his talent is too good for him to continue to stink up the turf. Dinwiddie is a solid QB, but he has been inconsistent in his 3 starts this season and is better off as a 2nd stringer.....for now. Also, Kevin Glenn has more cohesion with his current receiving corps, especially holdovers from last year such as Milt Stegall.


#4: How long until coach Berry is canned?

Answer: Not until the end of the season. Berry is a valuable talent developer and should not be fired less than a year after a Grey Cup appearance. He has been overall much better than his predecessor, Jim Daley. However, coaching is an unpredictable business and Berry could be canned anytime to give the team a jumpstart, as players will begin to feel a sense of urgency once their coach is fired (the Bombers haven't found their urgency yet, otherwise they would be making the games at least close). If Berry can get the Bombers to .500 or the playoffs before the end of the season, expect him to be kept. If not, expect him to get fired.


#5: Speaking of playoffs, what is the probability of the Bombers making the postseason?

Answer: About 30%. This is partially due to the unpredictability of the Eastern Division, in which a sub-500 team can make the playoffs. However, the Bombers will have to ramp up their game against their divisional rivals, which they have been 0-4 against. As well, the QB situation will have to be settled: the Bombers will NOT make the postseason using a quarterback carousel. And the defense will need to stop giving up 30 points every game. And the O-Line will need to start creating holes for Charles Roberts. And the list goes on and on......


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